Sunday, July 29, 2007

The beginning of a lifestyle

Today was Zane's first day in church. This is always a momentous occasion. For one, our pastor always introduces a baby on their first Sunday in church. He lovingly cradles them and takes them for a walk around the church for all to see. He then prays over the child - for that child to do wondrous things for the kingdom of God. This is the beginning of a friendship between both of our pastors and our children. Our children have no fear of talking with our pastors because they know they are loved by these godly men. It is wonderful to have pastors who follow Christ's example and take time to talk to the little children.

The other reason for this being a memorable time is that it is the beginning of a lifestyle for our children. Without question, we go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays. There has to be a REALLY good reason not to go - if they say they are sick, there needs to be evidence and they stay in bed on Sundays or go to bed early on Wednesday nights. Church is a time to meet with GOD. Eric and I were raised in church with our parents having the same love for it and for God. I pray that Zane will grow to love and look forward to each service and hearing from the Lord.

It helps that he has pastors who love him.


Damon said...

That was one of the things that I looked forward to with being able to come back and have Felicia in the states. That memorable "walk" with Pastor Folk. :-) It's so special to have pastors who love and pray for the babies. I'm guessing Zane did okay during his first service? Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

Zane did great! Squirmed, ate, slept. What more could you ask for?