Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Gloria!

Today is our daughter's 2nd birthday. She entered into this world 7 weeks early due to complications with the pregnancy. It was scary at first, then exhausting with the trips back and forth to the hospital for the next 12 days. However, it was a sweet time for Eric, Gloria, and me.

I was able to concentrate on this little one for 12 days and get to know her. I'll never forget the day when I feel she really knew that I was her mommy. The day after I was released from the hospital, I arrived around 8:00 a.m. to spend the day with her. She was crying as the nurses had just put an IV into her. It had taken them TWO hours to find a vein and Gloria had spent that time being poked and was screaming. As soon as the nurse gave her to me, she clung to me and began to quiet down. I've been her "comforter" ever since.

Eric and I were able to spend some time together and go out on little dates each evening. Eric drove me back and forth to the hospital every day - even after it was ok for me to drive myself. He took such good care of me. As the rest of the children were staying at Grandma's, we were able to take late night trips to an ice cream place or go on evening dinner dates that were reminiscent of our courting years. A marriage will never stay the same during difficult times. It will either grow stronger or become weakened. I'm blessed to say, ours grew stronger and we grew closer.

I saw what heartaches other families went through as they didn't know if their children would even survive. I saw what a wreck some other families were and felt deeply saddened for the children whose parents barely visited them. The Lord really opened my eyes to how blessed I really am and I'm extremely grateful for it.

Those (almost) 2 weeks were such an example of how God can take a difficult time and just show His love, mercy, grace, and blessing. The memories of that time 2 years ago are precious to me.

I heard from a friend today who, with her husband, recently celebrated their first child's half-birthday. I thought it was sweet that they couldn't wait a whole year to reflect on that blessed day when their little girl entered their lives and they became parents. That's what birthday celebrations are all about. Remembering the day our children entered the world and the expression of our gratefulness for that blessing.

Gloria doesn't care about this birthday. She's 2 and clueless. But, we're blessed to have her. Therefore, we celebrate!

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Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday, Gloria!! PS- See if you can get another party in 6 months! :-)