Friday, July 27, 2007

I admire...

My darling Eric
...for truly being the most Christ-like person I know. He fulfills the command of "husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church." What you see is what you get with Eric. He is the same at church, at work, in the public as he is at home. He is gentle, fun-loving, and extremely forgiving. Ever since we became friends almost 20 years ago while I was still in high school, he has encouraged me in words and through his example to grow closer to the Lord and see Him as a loving Father. I would be completely lost without my husband and I thank God for him.

...for his persistence. The ferris wheel in the picture is an example of his persistence. I gave up a long time ago on his ability to build anything out of Legos, Kinex, or Lincoln Logs. Prematurely, obviously. He doesn't get it right away, but if he wants to do it, he keeps at it until he gets it. If he wants to learn about something, he will ask questions until he's practically an expert. The 'why?' stage, for Michael lasted about 5 years! I admire his ability to go to people he barely knows for information on something he's interested in. Most every missionary who has visited our church has been greeted by Michael. I, shamefully, cannot say the same about myself.

...for her almost constant positive outlook on life. If there was a real-life Pollyanna, she is it! This girl is kind ,giving ,sympathetic, and can find good in almost any situation. She truly is the sunshine of our home. She will have fun doing her chores and finds great joy in surprising people by doing something nice for them or just writing them a note. Her life, thus far, is mostly spent in finding ways to bless others. I can learn much from this child in how to be a good friend, mother, and wife.

...for her nurturing spirit. Anna adores children. Her calm, gentle, yet firm way with them makes her a favorite among little ones. I am not a natural with children, so I've always admired those who are. I wish I had the patience with my little ones that Anna has with them. Her dream is to become the mother of 12 children! My grandchildren will be blessed with the best mother a child could have. In the meantime, I will be glad to learn from her and be blessed with her help.

...for her quiet thoughtfulness. She is very much like her daddy as she tries to figure things out on her own. She really is a thinker. We were concerned about her for a while as it took her a few years to be able to speak so people could understand her. There was nothing wrong, she just didn't feel the great need to communicate with others. She now is able to enjoy the company of others, but she is still the child who will more readily hear that "still small voice." Many would agree that I am not quiet by nature. I can learn from Katrina's quiet contemplations.

...for his ability to talk to God about his day. Every night when Seth prays, before he thanks Jesus for each family member, he tells the Lord all about his day. He'll tell God that he played outside and what he did. Last week, we went to a Civil War re-enactment and he told God that the cannons went "boom, boom!" Why is it that when we grow up, we feel we can impress God with our prayers? "Let the little children come unto me...for of such are the kingdom of heaven." To be like my 3 year old would be a great improvement for me!

...for her teachable spirit. The age of two can often be a difficult age, but it's also a teachable age. Gloria does many things wrong out of ignorance. Yes, she does things wrong after being corrected and that is disobedience. However, in just the last couple of months, she has shown great improvements in certain areas and attitudes. She is learning. NOW is the time for her to learn. If we wait until she "really understands" it will be much more difficult. I know - I'm an old dog and I have a hard time with new tricks. Lord, give me a teachable spirit and thank You for the 2 year old example living under my roof!

...for his ability to rest and trust everyone around him. As all new babies, his only concerns involve self - totally and completely. However, just as completely, he trusts that those around him will care for him and his needs. I love to watch him sleep so soundly - no worries or cares. Though he is self-involved, he has few demands. How many more selfish demands do I have and make on those around me and on God? Once my basic needs are met, I still remain discontented. How much better would it be, if I just laid in the arms of my Saviour and rested gratefully, just as this precious baby boy does!

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Lisa said...

This is such a sweet blog! I loved it, and seeing the photos of each member made it even more special!! It might feel strange to you, always posting and telling stories of your family, but rest assured- we love reading every bit!!! Have a GREAT day- and try to get a nap! :-)