Tuesday, August 21, 2007

6 Days and Counting

School begins in 6 days. Books. Paper. Pens. DVDs (we do BJU home satellite).

I will get all these things together and organized this week (I hope). School will begin Monday. By Tuesday, 30 pencils will be MIA, someone won't be able to find their Math book, and paper will be scattered on the floor.

Many moms send their children on that yellow school bus. Some moms condemn them. I understand, and sometimes, envy them. Think of it - six to eight hours to enjoy a peaceful home! When you clean it, it has a chance to stay clean for longer than 5 minutes. I could throw a load of laundry in the washing machine without having to come out to screaming children. I could actually vacuum my upstairs and not worry about what catastrophe I will be met with when I'm finished.

Some days, I see that yellow bus go by and it's all I can do to restrain myself from running down the driveway and calling it back.

But, then I think of the REASON we homeschool. Not for the great education that will, no doubt, make them world leaders. Not for the family time spent that will result in each of them building houses and raising families within 5 yards of our house. Not for the flexibility it brings allowing us to sleep in until 11 and do school in our pjs (seriously, we DON'T do that. That's a topic for another day).

The reason we homeschool is to instill in our children God's word, doctrine, and principles in a way no other school will do for them. It's to help them grow in Christ and become Christians who will serve God.

Am I accomplishing this goal? Some days, all we do is school work. Some days, we take field trips. Some days, we survive. But, with each day, do my children learn something that will help them in their walk with Christ? We begin the day with devotions, but kids who go to public or private school can do that.

This year, my goal is to make sure my children learn or are encouraged in at least one biblical principle each day that will make them better Christians. THAT'S what homeschooling is all about. That's what Christian parenting is all about.

The next question is, how am I teaching them these Christian principles? Sometimes, I have opportunity to tell stories or impart wisdom with my words. There are times when I can show them scripture to help them through a problem. However, most times, it's my actions and behavior that teach. Raising my voice to get them to sit down. Getting frustrated over the clutter. Being impatient with the slow learners. My kids would be better off in public school with attitudes and actions such as these. I must behave in a godly manner in order for my children to know how a Christian is to live.

Furthering my children's walk with God along with my own - that is my goal this year. We may lose a bus-load of pencils along the way, but if the mission is accomplished, it will be worth it.


Janice said...

Love all the analogies! I sometimes do sleep later and stay in jammies all day though!

elianna said...

I am sure your children will grow in the Lord right along with you this schoolyear...You do a great job from what i've seen! And, you not only have a great GOAL, you have a great GOD!

ps-I really like the new Victorian theme here! :)