Saturday, August 4, 2007

True Romance

As Eric works outdoors, he often comes upon something special or unexpected - a pretty flower, a baby animal, a peaceful spot. On such occasions, he will rush home and get me so I may share these experiences with him. He did this last night.

After the children were in bed, Eric went out to enjoy the night air. Once he saw the moon and the stars, he came back to get the camera. He later returned and showed me the really cool pictures he had taken. His appreciation and love for nature once again fueled my desire to experience it for myself. So, we then went out together to look at the moon and gaze at the stars.

Star-gazing is usually thought of as an activity for stuffy scientists or for young, wildly in-love couples. We are not stuffy scientists. Young - that's debatable. We are, however, wildly in love! We've enjoyed the stars together countless times. There are few things more wonderful than enjoying the peace of the evening and gazing at the splendor of the night sky hand in hand with the man I adore.

Some believe romance exists only in fairy tales. Some believe romance is money spent on gifts of flowers or jewelry. I've even met a guy that believed romance was a lie of the world and it was wrong for Christians to seek it!

True romance does exist. It costs nothing - just a little bit of time. Ignoring, for a few minutes, the cares of life to share in the God-given beauty of everyday...

This is romance.


drandall said...

Hi Vicki,

It is truly one of God's most wonderful gifts - to have someone to love and who loves you! Your aunt Peggy and I have had 47 wonderful years ( most of them anyway). It just keeps getting better as the years go by. I feel so sorry for those who give up as soon as the going gets a little rough. God ahs truly blessed both of us.
Uncle Richard

Damon said...

I've also found that true romance lies in enjoying the beautiful gifts from God... together! It starts in the heart, and then blossoms outward in the way we approach life and each other. Thanks for the reminder- and example! :-) ~Lisa

elianna said...

You two certainly ARE the perfect example of a "young, wildly-in-love" couple! :) I mean it too! And no matter how many years go by I know you'll always be young at heart!
by the way... next sunday night it's supposed to be a great meteor shower & no moon...:)
see you~

Victoria said...

Thanks for the info on the meteor shower - just in time for our anniversary!!