Monday, August 6, 2007

What are YOU doing today?

As I go about my busy day, there is a lady planning her husband's funeral. As I drive to various appointments, there are people walking in and out of her home with meals, with love, with tears. While I'm wondering what we're going to have for dinner, a lady wonders what's she's going to do. As I fall asleep beside my husband this night, there is a lady who will get very little sleep between her tears.

Who am I speaking of? Mrs. Gomar. She, her husband and three children attend Antioch Bible Baptist Church. Her husband was killed suddenly as a result of a car accident late Friday night. His 3oth birthday would have been today.

Mrs. Gomar is left alone, with her three small children, without her best friend and husband. As my children complain today of being bored, there are three children trying to comprehend why their daddy does not come home.

Mrs. Gomar bought a Bible last week to give to her husband - most likely for his birthday. Instead of presenting him the Bible, she receives sprays of flowers. Instead of a little party with children singing "Happy Birthday," this family grieves. Instead of growing old together, Mrs. Gomar will walk away from her husband's grave tomorrow, without her husband's hand to hold during the most difficult time in her life. She will now lean on the arm of God.

What are my complaints this day?

Pray for Mrs. Gomar, her children, and the family at Antioch Bible Baptist Church.


Mr. Young said...

That is a heartbreaking story, and I will surely be praying for the Gomar family.
As a husband and a father of 3 small children, this story has me in tears. May God's great grace be upon their family.

elianna said...

And, may I add...
There is a young boy, Francis Gomar Jr., age 9, who woke up this morning resolved to be the man of the house. He made sure his sister, age 4, brushed her teeth. I'm sure he helped his mommy with the 7-month old baby. And he had a smile for my mom today when she went to the calling hours-she was in tears telling us about this brave little boy.
The women of Antioch are with Lisa Gomar around the clock-as she says: she is living a nightmare.
Many people came to Christ as a result of this man's life-we can pray that more loved ones come through his death. Please do pray for the Gomars!
note-Mrs. Gomar has decided to present the beautiful Spanish-English Bible that should have been her husband's to his brother.
And again, what do I have to complain about?

elianna said...

Oh~I forgot to say...
I printed out what you wrote today, and my mom brought it when she went to Antioch. When she left, ladies were still passing the piece of paper around for each other to read. Thank you-it was a blessing!

Victoria said...

It's amazing - the grace God gives little children. I don't know if it makes it harder for us to see that bravery or easier to see what great faith they have. Thanks, Elianna.

Damon said...

Wow, talk about living through your worst fear. I'll definately be keeping this lady and her children in my prayers. What a wake-up call to thankfulness. ~Lisa

Kevin P said...

I am praying for this family and church. You are right - she will be leaning on the arms of Jesus. Whether in death or in life - to God be the Glory.