Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GASP! I'm NOT Perfect!

News flash...I am NOT June Cleaver. My house is not always in order. I do not wear my Sunday best to sweep my floors. When my children do wrong, I don't have the knack of just responding with grave disappointment.

I also am not Carol Brady. I don't have an Alice (though I do have an Elianna who comes about once a month). I, therefore, don't have time to be involved in community service or, for that matter, too many church ministries.

I am not Caroline Ingalls. I don't live for hard work or have endless patience. Somehow, she looks great when she's been working hard and her face is smeared with dirt. When I've been working hard, I look...um, dirty. I do have chickens, but, that's where the likeness ends.

I am far from being the Proverbs 31 woman. I haven't purchased land since...well...ever. I don't sew well. My clothes are not made of silk. As far as working willingly with my hands or speaking kindness, I'm working on it.

I am ME. My life is not a TV show. My life is REALITY. Often, I think of the idealistic woman and get frustrated that I am missing the mark. Sometimes I compare myself with other ladies in the church who seem to have it all together and I get depressed.

But, then the Lord gives me a blessing. Women that I think never get irritated, never raise their voice, etc - these women are honest and they'll tell me about the bad day they had yesterday or last week. I'm amazed at the fact they struggle with the same things that I struggle with! Somehow, it comforts me knowing that I am not alone in my imperfections.

Therefore, I can just relax and accept myself for what I am, right? WRONG! Knowing I'm not alone is comforting, but it should help me to grow along with my sisters in Christ. They are still saved and God has forgiven them. He's done the same for me. This realization gives me the strength to get back up and go on.

"For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again..."

The women portrayed in books, tv, movies, etc. are usually unattainable ideals. The Proverbs 31 woman is also an ideal. My husband says he doesn't believe God intends for women to be everything she is. I won't go into a commentary on this woman, but was she even a real person or was she just an imaginary woman given to us to exemplify some of the character qualities wives and mothers should strive for? An ideal given by God. Not a taskmaster.

We have some clear ideas of what God expects from a Christian woman. But, He also made it clear that He is loving, longsuffering, and merciful to us in our weaknesses. For that I am grateful. I will continue to learn and grow and "press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."

I am not June, Carol, or Caroline. I am Vicki - a sinner saved by grace and a daughter of the King!


elianna said...

Really??? You're NOT perfect? News to me! Ok, so I'm kidding. Honestly, one of the things I like best about you (and your blog) is your humility & willingness to admit your faults! You might not be the perfect Proverbs 31 woman but you're certainly a Godly example of a woman who's working her way toward that goal! After reading your post, I got to thinking about Proverbs 31...so i read it. And then I started pondering "Mrs. Perfection"-and I realized how much like her you are...:) (And you certainly aren't the only woman I know who comes close~my mom & many other examples do too!!!)
Thanks for inspiring me...

Victoria said...

I pay Elianna to post here! :)