Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

August 12, 2006 - My "sister's" wedding day! Becky, as you can see, was a beautiful bride. Everyone who knows this couple can't help but love them. They can't help but love each other!

Becky and I adopted each other years ago as neither one of us has a biological sister. We've been through so much together. Becky waited 30 years to meet the man of her dreams. It was a long wait, however, she will now tell you it was worth every day and every year. David is the man of her dreams.

Happy 1st Anniversary, Becky and David! I love you!!

...and they lived happily ever after!

2 comments: said...

I am happy that Becky has found her true love, and I wish the best for her and David.

Stephanie said...

She looks so pretty! I don't think I've seen photos from her wedding (whcih makes sense, as I haven't seen you in something like eight years!); but do tell her I said she looked wonderful...and happy!