Monday, August 27, 2007

I Don't Believe in Homeschooling!

No, it wasn't a bad first day of school. It actually went quite well. I just don't believe in homeschooling.

I believe in God. I believe in love.

Homeschooling does not guarantee that our children will grow up to love and serve our Lord with all of their hearts. Homeschooling does not guarantee that our children will always honor and respect their daddy and me. Homeschooling is not the answer.

I can keep my children home and make sure they are educated. I can make sure they are nicely groomed and respectful. However, without God's word and showing them God's love, I have little hope of raising godly children who will love us when we are older. Without God, it is all in vain.

Children who go to (gasp!) public school CAN feel completely loved by their parents and become spiritual giants. It takes more work, but it IS possible. In fact, a public school child who comes home to parents who obviously love the Lord, teach him the words of Christ, and express their love for him, will excel further in life - spiritually and socially - than the homeschooled kid who has been programmed like a robot but has not seen true love for God or for himself. (For an example of a public school graduate who came from a godly, loving home, see destination zambia)

Back in the day, homeschooling was practically unheard of. Christian school was the answer.
I went to a Christian school. Some of the kids I went to school with are serving Christ with a passion (i.e. lunch-time thoughts). Some are going to church, but their growth has halted. Some of them have walked away from Christ or are not even saved. There are some who seemed to care little for the things of God back in high school but are now heading for the mission field (i.e. declaring His glory).

GOD will make our children worthwhile. LOVE will make them want to come home, even when life takes them far away. SEEING their parents serving God and LOVING it will encourage them to do the same. KNOWING that their parents accept them, love them, and forgive them unconditionally will go far in their decision to make their parents' God Lord of their own lives. Our children believe what they see, hear, and feel. They don't believe in a method.

I homeschool my children and plan on always doing so. Homeschooling gives us more opportunities to share God and reaffirm our love for our children than if we sent them to school. We need to make the most of it, but it is not the answer.

Don't just homeschool the children. Love them!

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Janice said...

Very well said. It is really a blessing to be able to home school. I don't take the responsibility lightly. I think a home schooled child in a bad home is worse off than an out schooled child in a Godly Christ Centered home!