Friday, August 24, 2007

Life in Pictures

The only thing of interest that I could even write about today involves a 3 year old boy and a bathroom. So, I think I'm better off just posting some recent pictures.

Our 3 older girls had lunch out with Grandma yesterday. Grandma loves to dress up and go out, therefore, so do my girls!

Days spent with Grandma are always something to look forward to. When our children grow older, these will be cherished memories. I hope to be a grandma like the grandmas our children have!

Here she is - Milanni Noelle. I knew she would be beautiful, but I was still amazed at just how beautiful she is.

Not a great picture of Milanni, but what a precious picture of a mommy treasuring her newborn baby girl! Salinna is doing extremely well and we are so happy for their whole family!


Janice said...

Like the new layout! I remember Salinna- tell her I said hello, even though she probably won't remember me! I can relate to your decision on what to post...! Wise choice!

peggy randall said...

Grandchildren are very important to Grandmas. I'm glad your children's grandmas are close by to do things with them. Salinna and Milanni both look great.
Aunt Peggy

Lisamarie said...

Glad you opted for the pictures! It's nice to see your girls and the fun they're having with Grandma! Your daughters look like such lovely little ladies! Must take after their mama! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the new page! The girls are getting so big! Send my congrats to Lyle and Salinna when you see her! She is a beautiful baby!

Your lil sis

Victoria said...

Salinna DOES remember you and your family, mentioning how nice you all were. She was pleased with your "hello!"