Wednesday, August 1, 2007


This morning, I rode my bike down our dirt lane which opens up to a beautiful field - this year planted with wheat and soybeans. Now that I've had the baby, I can ride my bike again and have been doing so for the past several days. No, I don't go far. In fact, I was impressed with the 7 year old girl mentioned in yesterday's Lunch-Time Thoughts who rode her bike along the canal for 30 miles! Not me -no time, no endurance.

Anyway, I quickly got in touch with my inner-child. You see, as I was approaching the field, a large bug flew into my hair. Of course, like any blonde on a bike, I shook my head to get rid of it. Now I'm a woman in my 30's with scraped and bruised knees because I fell off my bike! I felt a bit childish. Actually, I felt a lot of pain and wondered how in the world I was going to get all the way back to the house if I had smashed my knee. Praise the Lord, I was able to pedal slowly home and didn't have to lay in the field with the turkey vultures circling me.

Then I realized - my kids do this kind of thing a lot. I tell them to brush it off and go on. I do that because life is full of pain and we can't just sit and cry about it. However, when I first landed on the ground, the first thing I wanted was someone to come running to see if I was ok and show me some compassion. Yes, I got up and went on - after a minute or two. But, seeking compassion is something I don't believe we ever grow out of. In fact, the next time Eric came to the house, I was sure to show him what had happened just to get the compassion I knew he'd give.

Compassion is important to Christ - that's the reason He died for us. He wants us to be "strong and of good courage" but the mighty King David ran to Him for protection and comfort.

I've decided that the next time a child gets banged-up, I'll be a little more kind instead of trying to toughen them up. Showing Christ-like compassion will not make my children wimps, it will make them compassionate. Like Christ. Like their Daddy.

Some lessons are painful to learn!


elianna said...

I LOVE being able to hear about your everyday life even when I'm not around to join the fun! this is such a good idea-it must save you some time too! :) Keep it up-I'll certainly be checking every day.
~a note to others that "visit" here~
...wouldn't you agree that Vicki McCracken is one of the sweetest, Godliest women you know? Next to my mom, Aunt Vicki is the most helpful & special of all the sweet Proverbs 31 ladies I've had the privilege of knowing! :)
Love you!
psalm 34:10

Victoria said...

My note to others: Don't believe a word she says! :)

Thanks, Elianna! You are a great encourager!

Lisa said...

Ouch is right! That sounds painful. Hope that you heal quickly. At least the bug didn't sting you on top of all that! I'm sure the kids will lap up all the compassion you'll be doling out in the future! :-) And I'd have to agree with Elianna- you're a sweetheart!