Friday, August 31, 2007

Precious Little Katrina

"Katrina, Katrina, precious little Katrina!" That's the little diddy Eric has sung to Katrina since she was a baby. She is precious. She is different!

I just came back from a trip to the store with our Katrina. We had a really nice time on this quick trip. Picked up some flowers for the piano teacher, I got a frozen frappe (YUM), and I bought her a strawberry smoothie. The weather is beautiful and it's perfect for drinking your cold drink and swinging the hand of a 5 year old little girl!

On the way home, I couldn't help but remember another trip to the store I took with Katrina about 3 years ago. Katrina has always been extremely quiet. In fact, she didn't really begin talking until she was close to 4 years old. Katrina THINKS, she doesn't talk. Until Katrina was 4, she tolerated people. She enjoys them more now, but she is just as happy to be alone. She likes to snuggle a little more now, but when she was really little, she didn't want much of that at all. Of all our children, Katrina is the most like her father.

Anyway, about that outing 3 years ago. I was getting frustrated that I could not seem to get close to Katrina. She was quiet and forever getting into trouble. She tends to get into things. She loves to figure out how things work, so she used to get into a ton of trouble when she would take things apart. She could get things apart that no one else could! So, between feeling like I was always punishing her and the fact that she didn't want anyone around, I was having a hard time "bonding" with my fourth child. So, I took her out. Just her and I. Though she stayed quiet, I talked with her in the car and while she rode the shopping cart. I even bought her ice cream to eat when we got home. I sat her in the front seat on the way home (I know, major crime), but when I went to hold her hand that day, she pulled away. She did not like physical affection. We ate ice cream together (all the others were in bed), but she said nothing.

Where I come from, if you don't like affection, something must be HORRIBLY wrong! If any of my older 3 children seemed distant from us, all it took was an outing like this to get us back into smiley and snuggling mode! Katrina was, and still is, much harder to read. But, we kept at it. We continued to talk with her, love her, and hug her. As a result of our persistence and prayers, we have been blessed to see her blossom into a friendly and happy little girl.

Katrina IS precious. And, today, she was happy to talk and hold my hand!


Michael & Erika Barone said...

Thanks for sharing this about your daughter! I have two baby girls and am blessed to see such a loving mama and the sweet time you have with your children. God bless you!

JulieMom said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier! I have read yours before, and just want to say what a blessing you are. You also look really familiar to me! The great gift of our children is that they are all different, and the joy is figuring them out!

Janice said...

It is so hard to not feel like we did something "wrong" when our children are not as we would expect them to be. I am (slowly!) learning the ones that are different, are usually the greatest fun! They have such a unique, sometimes refreshing and always a little "what did he do"ishness (if that is a word phrase!) way about them. Never any dull moments!

Victoria said...

I was raised at FBBC. Thanks for visiting!

Lisa said...

Vicki, I loved this story! After I read it, I went and rocked my baby girl to sleep. She'd usually rather explore and play than cuddle, and will wriggle and cry until I put her in her crib, but this reminded me how worth it the effort is. No, she didn't like it at first, and cried for a while, but eventually she slept in my arms for her whole nap! (That's a first!) I'm gonna keep working on it, and someday maybe she'll be more cuddly... like your precious Katrina! Thanks for the encouragement!