Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Day in History

August 29, 1991 - The first time I say "I love you" to Eric.

We had been together for over a year and friends for almost 3 years. I had known I loved Eric for quite a long time, but, as I don't believe it's a phrase you just throw around, I took a while to let him know the depth of my feelings.

I was about to leave for college in less than a month. Eric was starting his classes within the week. So, we had set aside an entire day to spend together. I'm not even sure I remember how we spent the day - I just know he picked me up in the morning and it was after 10:00 that night when I got home. Anyway, I wanted Eric to know how I really felt before I went away to college and knew this would be my opportunity.

The day went by without me saying the words. Then, he was about to take me home. I knew I had to tell him. I told him I had something I wanted to tell him, but I was afraid he might laugh. He promised me he wouldn't. Looking back, I think he must have known what I was about to say.

I'm a girl that fears rejection in the worst way. It is not easy for me to share my feelings with others in words. I'm much better with a pen or a keyboard. I'd never even thought about saying these words to another guy. Telling Eric I loved him would make me open to rejection if he didn't feel quite the same way about me. Knowing he didn't love me would crush me beyond belief. I had a good feeling he did love me, but what about that chance that he did not? What if he wasn't ready for that?

With all of these thoughts in my mind, it took me close to half an hour to finally get the words out. "I love you," I whispered. There it was. My heart in the open - for him to hold and treasure or to rip it in two. He smiled and laughed softly. He wasn't laughing a malicious laugh, but an understanding and compassionate laugh. He then said the most wonderful words I'd ever heard. "I love you, too."

What joy! What relief! He didn't reject me. He accepted my love and declared his love in return.

We have said those words so many times since that summer evening. He told me those words when he proposed and I said them back when I accepted. We said "I love you" on our wedding day. When we've argued, we've said those words while asking forgiveness, just to reassure each other that our love will never change. Those words have been uttered at the birth of each of our children. We say "I love you" at the end of 99% of our phone calls, no matter how short they may be. "I love you" is said most every time we part ways, even if it's just for a couple of hours. I often say "I love you" in passing - just to let him know I'm aware of his presence and glad that he's sharing life with me. He does the same for me.

August 29, 1991. I tell Eric I love him. I hear those words from his lips for the first time, also. I share my heart and he takes it and holds it and treasures it.

He keeps it till this day. And I keep his.


Lisa said...

Vicki, I could name the date Damon and I first said "I love you", too! :-) As a matter of fact, it was December 23rd, 2003! :-) Remembering that moment brings a smile to my face! Such a relief to hear he actually loves me! And what a blessing to know that he STILL DOES!! :-) I enjoyed hearing your story!

Mr. Young said...

Great Post Victoria! I never end a phone call, or leave the house without telling my wife "I love you" I've called her back if I forgot, because I never know if that will be the last time we talk. If she ever had to hear my last words unexpectedly she knows that it would be "I love you"

When my mom was dying and they finally had to give her so much medicine that she couldn't respond it was too late for us to tell her our last good byes, but I know that last thing I ever told her was "I love you" I never left her without saying that either.

Praise God!

peggy randall said...

We are glad you have found your special love. We are sure you will always have it. May God bless you two and your love for each other.
Aunt Peggy

elianna said...

How sweet! I started thinking about the words "I love you" and how many times we say them to our family members. Then I started doing the math...
You've been married for almost 13 years, right? That's 4,745 days. Let's estimate that you say "I love you" to each other a minimum of 3 times per day (and from what I've observed it's a LOT more than that!). OK, 3x4745=14,235. Wow! And that's the bare minimum-not counting the whole time you were dating/engaged... :)
"I love you"-we can say it so many times and it never wears out! :)
love you!

Victoria said...

Best Christmas gift ever!

Mr. Young,
My mom is the same!

Aunt Peggy,
Thank you for your blessing!

WOW!! I guess any couple that says it THAT much MUST be in love!