Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Did YOU Talk About in Church Today?

Last night, my girls were watching an Andy Griffith video. You gotta love Andy Griffith. Personally, Barney's my guy - he kills me! But, I digress.

In this particular episode, there was a scene in which a bunch of ladies had congregated and were chatting. Because of the number in the group, the chatter was pretty loud. When Andy needed to get their attention, they were so busy talking, they couldn't hear the man.

Then, my 8-year old daughter made an interesting comment. "That sounds just like church!"

I thought about that. What is all that noise before church? Is it true fellowship - people speaking of God's goodness to us throughout the week? Sharing what we've read in the scriptures that morning? Sharing prayer requests? Or, is it empty conversation - like a bunch of chatty (dare I say, gossipy) women?

I have often thought about these before and after church conversations. Do they prepare me for worship? When I sit down at the beginning of service with these conversations fresh in my mind, am I ready to focus on Christ and worship the One who died for me or am I completely distracted and thinking on the things of this world?

Should I only have deep theological discussions in church? I don't believe so. However, our discussions should bring glory to God and allow us to focus on Him. If someone brings their new baby to church, we can ooh and ahh and praise the Lord for bringing another life into our midst. If someone spreads word of a young lady's engagement - praise God for His blessings upon that couple and speak of the wonderful ways they can be used by Him. If I am struggling with my children, asking for prayer will definately cause hearts to focus on Christ. (BEWARE lest prayer requests turn into gossip sessions.) Rejoicing with those that do rejoice and weeping with them that weep (Romans 12:15) are duties for the body of Christ in the church. We are to share our lives, hearts, and thoughts with others.

There are things that we talk about that do not glorify God. They may not be sinful - just empty. For instance - that new hairstyle Susie has. It's nice. Complimenting her may edify her, but spending any length of time discussing it brings NO glory to God. There is no realistic way of centering a conversation like that on Christ. Same with ball games, dress, even homeschool choices. There's nothing wrong with conversations such as these, they just may not belong in a church house before a service in which we are to worship the God of this world or after a service in which we were just reminded of His great love for us and our purpose to serve Him.

Andy Griffith couldn't be heard above the chatter of these silly women. Can the man of God be heard above our chatter in the church house? Does vain babbling get us out of focus?

What did you talk about in church today?

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elianna said...

You are SO right! We've talked this one over before, and I really do agree. It's something that if we all make a concious effort, we can make a difference. One person in a group can turn the whole conversation to spiritual things if they really try. (My conscience is clear as far as yesterday-after all, i mostly talked to you, and your 2 year old!!)
Thanks for the wisdom & the reminder! :)