Monday, September 10, 2007

Child's Play

For some reason, my children seem to have some interesting ideas of what it takes to "get married." Often, if they see Eric and I hugging, kissing, or just cuddling, they'll say "mommy and daddy are getting married again!" This from at least 3 children who have been in weddings. Anyway, these days, getting married also entails dancing a waltz. Somehow, this was picked up from "Little House on the Prairie" in which ma and pa do quite a bit of waltzing.

Today, Katrina decided she and Seth should play "getting married." I found it an amusing parallel to reality.

Katrina: I'm talking to someone and you have to say "we need to get married." (begins to talk with imaginary friend)

Enter Seth: (saying with some impatience) "We need to get married."

The waltzing begins with the couple humming the music.

Katrina: No, not that song.

Seth continues humming.

Katrina: No, I don't like that song! Do this one.

Seth complies.

Katrina: You have to smile when you're married.

Seth smiles.

The dance continues until Seth walks away.

Sometimes, we women wait and wait for a proposal from our beloved. He better do it just the way we want it. Then, we cunningly dictate how the wedding, and life following, is to be run.

Then, we have to tell our husbands to smile and hope he doesn't walk away!

Here's hoping that we all are graciously dancing with smiling partners!

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elianna said...

Your kids are so cute! I remember after Paul & Jenny's wedding, Mike & Cassia playing wedding. And I had to laugh a couple visits ago, when Cassia said "Daddy, I'm going to marry you when I grow up". :) how precious that your children can SEE that Mommy & Daddy love each other SO much-their parents are even married to each other still too!-that is a special rarity in this world that we live in! We are blessed to have Christian families...
Love from Flordia-Say hi to everyone for me!!