Monday, September 17, 2007

Counting My Blessings!

In these busy days of school, housework, ministering to others, etc., it is so good to open my eyes and see how the Lord has blessed me.

My husband is one of the biggest blessings the Lord has ever given to me. Can I just say that he is THE most wonderful husband on the planet?

"Why" you ask? Ok, well, maybe you're not asking "why" and you don't really care, but I'm going to tell you anyway!

1. My husband HONESTLY doesn't care when our house is in complete disarray! I get stressed about it and he says "Relax, it's not that bad." He would rather me sit down with him and the children instead of me straightening up everything!

2. If his sock and underwear drawers are empty, he doesn't complain. He just BUYS more socks and underwear! This way, he has what he needs and he knows it makes me feel really bad so I get on the ball without him having to say a word! A few years ago, he bought so many socks, I didn't have a place for them when I got them washed. Praise the Lord, he hasn't had to buy clean socks in a long time!

3. Eric is always up for trying a new recipe. There are a few things he doesn't care for, but he's always grateful for our meals and eats everything. I don't have to cater to a picky eater. He honestly thinks I'm one of the best cooks around. Then again, he may be afraid I'll poison his dinner if he says otherwise!

4. In all honesty, in the past, Eric rarely would change a diaper, give children baths, or put them to bed. He's always been more willing to clean up the kitchen after dinner. However, now he does it all! I'm not kidding. He'll pitch right in with the kitchen clean-up and often, he'll have little ones changed and in bed before I know it! He's amazing! And, he does it all with a smile - most of the time! Now, if I could only get him to potty-train...

5. When I cry, complain, or fret, instead of reacting as I would (with impatience and frustration and a "get on with it" approach), Eric just listens, gives a hug, and encourages me. I often say that if I married someone like me, I probably would have left a long time ago. But, Eric treats me with love and kindness, knowing that those things will melt me and change my attitude much better than any lecture.

My husband is one of the most special gifts I've ever been given. Does he have any faults? A few, but no one needs to know. Plus, they say "love is blind" and I try to remain visually impaired!

When counting my blessings, Eric is always at the top of the list!


Donald Randall said...

It's wonderful to hear one speak of a spouse in this way. You Aunt Peggy is much the same. Why she has put up with me for 47 years is beyond my understanding but I thank my God every day that she has. I trust that when you and Eric reach the number of years we have you can look back and see the incredible blessings God has rained on you and your family.

Love you,
Uncle Richard

Rebecca said...

I LOVED this post. It reminded me very much of my hubby. When we were first married, he was VERY obsessive compulsive about things-but as the years have gone by he has become more and more lax. Or, atleast...understanding and GRACIOUS.

I especially loved the last few sentences where you said "Yes-he has some flaws but no one needs to know." I live by the theory that you don't EVER talk about your hubby in a negative way. Not to family. Not to girlfriends. We should ALWAYS support him and lift him up. Nancy Wilson once said- Everyone should think we have married a PERFECT man, by the way we speak of him." And unfortunately, not mamy women live by this motto. So glad to hear I am not alone...

and so very VERY thankful that you have been blessed so abundantly with such a wonderful husband!

Anonymous said...

I loved your post! It reminded me of Andy a lot. It was a good reminder to me how blessed I really am to have a God honouring man. Thanks-- - Sarah Hinds

Victoria said...

I'm thrilled you read my blog today! Stop by anytime!:)

Lisa said...

Isn't being married to such a calm, flexible man one of the biggest blessings ever?! I love how you wrote about Eric, and the thankful spirit you display towards him! It's such a wonderful testimony! And the bit about changing diapers and giving baths? That gave me hope for my future children... :-)

elianna said...

How sweet! I don't think I have EVER heard you say something negative about Mr. McC-truly, you "do him good and not evil all the days of your life" in so many ways. You honor him; he honors you! :) You are certainly blessed!