Monday, September 24, 2007

Grow Up!

The other night, Zane was sitting on our table. Yes, on. In his Bumbo seat. I know - it goes against everything the American Academy of Pediatrics says and violates all OSHA standards. But, there he was.

Then, I got to thinking - and chuckling (do women chuckle? "Giggling" sounds too 13-ish). It's cute and adorable to see a 12 week old on the table, but what if that were my 37 year old husband?! That would be hysterical (and ridiculous).

For some reason, I have a vivid imagination. Seeing Eric, in my mind's eye, sitting in a Bumbo on top of the table struck me as pretty amusing. (And I wonder where my children get their strange ideas!)

A similar thought struck me a few weeks ago. I noticed my 2 year old daughter running through the living room one Wednesday night just before church and she tripped over her feet, sending her sprawling to the floor. Just like all 2 year olds, she just got up and kept going like nothing ever happened. Can you imagine if we never outgrew falling down at any given moment?

There we would be walking over to our friend in church and, oops, down we go. Can you see a bunch of 5'3'' - 6'4'' adults falling down all over church just like the toddlers?

What about during the service? You've seen the brother's 3 year old bend over to pick up the hymnal off the floor and, next thing you know, he's off the chair and on the ground. What if that were the adult in front of you? Oh my! How disruptive that would be!

I can't help but think of these kinds of things. Maybe it's because I spend my entire day with people under 5-foot tall.

Then I think of my spiritual growth. That's when the humor fades and I get a bit more sober. I'm 18 years old, spiritually speaking. A teenager, sure, which brings up a whole other set of problems. But, am I still acting like a 3 or 4 year old toddling around and falling over the littlest thing? Am I getting distracted off the path by some colorful "toy"? I must look pretty ridiculous, at times, to my Heavenly Father as I stumble around as if I'm still a babe in Christ.

Frequent stumbles and lack of wisdom is understandable in the young Christian. It is an embarrassment to the older Christian - at least, it ought to be.

When a child falls, it's easy for him to get back up and go on. When an adult falls, it's much more difficult and the wounds are more serious. I must stand firm.

Children have a difficult time remaining still for long. As a mature Christian, I must be able to sit quietly and listen to the still small voice of God.

I also realize that as my children become adults, they will still be my children. I'll still want to protect them. I'll still be here for them. So it is even more with my heavenly Father. He never wants me to outgrow my need for Him.

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man , I put away childish things."
- I Corinthians 13:11


elianna said...

Are you feeling okay? :):) Sometimes I wonder at how your brain works...but you do write the best, inspiring, thought-provoking posts!

Victoria said...

The scary thing is, I'm feeling great!

Dave said...

I have known her for 34 years, going on 35....and yes....she is normal.

(Says I at the risk of sounding sarcastic)

Felicia said... are funny Vicki. :-) and I'm also laughing at everyone elses comments! But it is a good analogy!

Janice said...

wouldn't it be great if we could all grow up spiritually, and stay like kids physically?! The energy we would have for God! And he fun we would have too!