Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Our oldest child is 10 years old today. TEN!! For some reason, the birthdays of our firstborn child seem to make me more sentimental than the rest. Perhaps it's because it marks the birth of motherhood for me.

Michael was a huge baby weighing 10 lbs. 3 oz. Yes, that's TEN pounds! Because of his size and position, he ended up being taken by c-section after several hours of labor. He was born blue and all banged up, but he was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on. He was MINE!!

I'm such a sentimental sap that I have the video of Michael's first week ready to be popped into the VCR. I'll probably watch all 2 hours of it and cry through most of it. When did he grow up to be almost as tall as I am? When did he develop his sense of independence? When did he stop needing me to tuck him into bed at night? (BTW, I'm re-instating that tradition. Bedtime was such a good time for heart to heart talks - I think we need more of those at this age, not less!)

As parents, we seem to make all our mistakes on our oldest child. We expect more. We didn't appreciate his baby-hood as we should have. We couldn't wait for him to roll, crawl, walk, talk, etc. After rushing through those things with him, we've realized how fast the time goes by and now we appreciate the infancy of our younger children. I savor each time I get to hold and cuddle my baby today - for tomorrow he'll be 10 and Michael will be 20!

When Michael turned 1, it was a party with a lot of adult friends and relatives and Winnie the Pooh. At 5, it was difficult figuring out what kids to invite as he hadn't made too many friends, yet. Today, he had quite a few friends over for a cowboy & indian party in the pumpkin patch. Through the years, his friends and interests have changed to a large degree. In the years to come, things will continue to change. Sometimes, I am excited about these changes; other times, a bit anxious and worried. What physical challenges will come his way? What trials will he face? Will he choose the right path?

But, I then realize I need to take one day at a time.

Because, the years will fly by quickly and I need to savor and appreciate today with my firstborn, while he's still a boy.

Happy Birthday, Michael! I love you with all my heart!

As we seemed to have an Old West theme going, we made up WANTED posters of each of the boys. Michael was the "Birthday Bandit" wanted for raiding birthday parties, popping balloons, stealing presents, and demolishing birthday cakes! Each of the boys got to take home their posters.

Daddy brought over his uncle's gentle horse, Joy, for each cowboy to have a ride. Daddy's like this are a rare find!

Michael's sisters made this birthday sign for the front of the party barn.

The unconventional way of lighting birthday candles - with a BLOW TORCH!

All in all, a great day!


elianna said...

love you! Sounds like fun! We're off to FL...

Lisa said...

That sounds like such a fun party! I'm sure all Michael's cowboy friends had a blast- western style! I really liked the "wanted" poster idea! :-) Please pass along our belated birthday greetings and congratulations at achieving double digits to Michael!