Sunday, September 2, 2007

Proud to Call Them "Friend"

Normally, I will not spend a whole lot of time promoting other blogs. However, I feel I should promote two particular blogs as the testimonies and spiritual growth of the authors are an incredible blessing to me.

I am proud to say I knew Dave and Kevin "back when..." Actually, I am prouder of them NOW than I was "back when..."

Dave and I are one day apart in age. We went to the same school together from Kindergarten through 12th grade, our parents were best friends, our families celebrated holidays together, etc. I knew his house as well as my own. Dave didn't stand out much in school - wasn't interested in being popular, wasn't a terrific student - but I just knew he'd make something of himself one day.

Today, David is a MAJOR in the Air Force. Pretty impressive, eh? Not as impressive as his spiritual growth. Several years after graduating from the Christian school we attended, Dave got saved. Now, he's not only successful in the eyes of this world, but in the eyes of Christ. Where once he barely mentioned God, his conversation is now heavily sprinkled with words of sound wisdom and gratitude towards our Father. He gives God the glory for everything he is when it could be so easy for him to take credit himself. He has been given many opportunities to see this world - Germany, Cuba, Iraq, etc. He is grateful to the Lord for these opportunities and readily shares how God blessed and used him in each place. He has come so far in his life - and all the glory goes to God. Find out more about my friend at "the world according to dave."

Kevin and I became friends later on in our high school years. His parents were great friends of my mom's. I have great memories of several picnics at his parent's house and playing volleyball. Stopping over and having a chance to talk and laugh with Kevin was always fun. He has always been easy to like - which is obvious by the number of friends he has.

Kevin is now a missionary to Zambia, Africa. Fifteen years ago, I never would have believed we'd see him sharing the gospel to this dark nation. But, his love for God runs deep. He could be extremely successful in the world, but he's given it all to follow the path that God has shown him. I know few people who have sacrificed like Kevin in order to win souls. I can't even comprehend the treasures he has already laid up in heaven. I find myself honored to have had a place in the life of someone who compares to the missionaries of old. Please stop by Kevin's blog, "destination Zambia" to see his heartbeat for the Zambian people.

Back in the day, I was glad to be friends with these guys; yet, they didn't seem to be too concerned with the things of God. Such is the condition of a lot of young people. While so many of us will give up on these young ones, God does not! What a blessing! Life goes on, lessons are learned, hearts are changed.

Both of these men have hearts for God. Both of these men need our prayers. Satan would love to knock these guys out of the race. It's not everyday that a Major in the Air Force is saved and living for the Lord. It's not everyday that a young man will give it all up to live in Africa in order to show a forgotten people the love of Christ. It's not everyday we meet men of this caliber. Today, you've met two.

Thank you for your friendship, Dave and Kevin. I'm praying for you both!


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment behind!

You are lovely with a lovely family as well. SEVEN beautiful models, there! :-)

I love how you called your children 'REwards' for that really is what they are, isn't it?!?!

Have a great day!

Dave said...

Thanks for the free advertisement! And it's always great to come home and see what everyone else does while I am gone for a few months, or years.....

becky said...

That's my brother! It's amazing what you learn though when I read his blog. He doesn't usually tell all this stuff. Thanks for talking him into it! I guess I would have to start one but I don't even know what I would write about...we shall see.

Dave said...

Write about the Dog!

Victoria said...

What dog?

Kevin P said...

I am just another trophy of God's amazing grace -- To God be the Glory!

(Rom 11:36) For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

Dave said...

Becky has a new dog. IT could be the adventures of Chip or something.