Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Tabernacle

Last night, I read in Exodus about the creating of the tabernacle and the amazing craftmanship that went into it. A few things struck me, as usually happens when I read this passage.

1. The care that went into the building and decorating of the tabernacle. There were no machines - everything was hand-sewn and hand-carved. The time that it took must have been incredible. But all was done according to the plans of God.

2. What were the thoughts of the workers? This was the house of GOD! GOD drew up the plans. I would assume that much of the work was done reverently and with grateful hearts. They truly did their jobs "as unto the Lord." The Lord lives in my heart and my home. Should I not have the same attitude?

3. Ok, a bit silly, but it WAS mentioned. Did you know there was a mirror in the entranceway for the women?! This was God's will. It's a natural thing for women to want to make sure they look nice when they go out. It's NOT a sin - it's how God created us! Even the Israelite women had to check for dust on their veils and faces after the walk from the tent to the tabernacle.

4. There were details added to the tabernacle just for the sake of beauty. It wasn't just functional. It took time to add these details, but it pleased God. God has given women a natural desire to make their homes pretty. Yes, it can get out of control, but I believe God is pleased when a woman takes the time to create beautiful surroundings for her family. This is something I need to work harder at.

5. All was done according to God's plan. Do I build my home according to the ways of God? Are my thoughts on Him as I work? Is my home a place where He can live and be worshipped?

Oh, that I would follow God's blueprint for my home!!!


Lisa said...

Good thoughts, Vicki!

heather said...

Just to encourage you...Your home is a very warm & lovely. I love how you have so many photos of your family around for all to see. Someday when we're old & have nothing else to do, then we can go crazy & do the Martha Stewart thing. But, for now I think you do a great job in making your house a home & a peaceful place to be.

elianna said...

I heartily agree with Heather! Your house is normally pretty clutter-free, and you have made it very welcoming & pretty I think! It's the people in the house that make it a home anyway...
Thanks for the reminder to do things as unto the Lord!