Sunday, September 9, 2007

This Day in History

September 9, 1994 - The day I marry the man of my dreams!

The wedding is to be at 6:00 p.m. this beautiful Friday evening. In a room a short distance from the sanctuary where many of our family and friends have gathered, I wear my mother's wedding dress. My five bridesmaids are with me. My father is here, also. We are talking. We are waiting.

There is a knock on the door and now, the walk before THE walk. The walk to the outside of the sanctuary. It seems we are moving so slowly. We come to the closed doors of the sanctuary and we wait again. Once we hear the music, the girls will begin their walk down the aisle.

The music starts. A friend sings "How Beautiful" and the first girl makes her way down the aisle. I watch as each girl disappears through the door. Even now, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach - not signifying anxiety, but excitement - as I wait for my turn.

A lull in the music. I am standing alone with my father in the lobby of the church I grew up in. The church where my relationship with Eric blossomed in. The church where I would now be married in.

The organ begins to play "Here Comes the Bride." I take my dad's arm and we begin to walk down the aisle. I make an effort to remember every moment. I see my "aunt" Marcia and friends Ned & Cindy smile at me as I walk by. I look for my beloved and I finally see him - smiling at me. Welcoming me. Loving me.

My father hands me to the man of my dreams. I have a cold; therefore, I sniffle through much of the service. However, I listen as the pastor we both grew up with preaches a wonderful message tying in the wedding ceremony with salvation and the Christian's relationship with Christ.

When the message is done, we walk up the steps and then say, from memory, our marriage vows to one another. My best friend sings "Cherish the Treasure" at one point and at another point someone else sings "I Will be Here." As we light the unity candle and then give roses to our mothers and hug our fathers, my best friend sings "Lord, Bless our Home."

Then, it is time for the kiss. Eric lingers over that moment. So much so that chuckles are heard. We kiss again. It is wonderful. We turn and face our friends and family. The ceremony has ended and we walk down the aisle, side by side, to begin our life together.

September 9, 1994 - my dreams come true!


Lisa said...

Vicki- Happy 14th Anniversary! You retold that marvellous day wonderfully! The only thing that I would have changed is to have a picture of that day on this post! :-)

Victoria said...

Only because we got married in the days before digital cameras and the fact that I haven't figured out how to scan pics, etc., I don't have one to share of that special day. Trust me, we looked A LOT younger! :0)

Dave said...

I remember! It was like yesterday. And Eric said I DO in his typical low booming voice and the whole echo in the church at FBBC.

I was wondering how long it has been. 14 years!

Victoria said...

Ok, just for the record - we got married in 1994 - that would be 13 years!:0)
And yes, Eric wanted everyone to hear that he wanted to marry me! He hates when he can't hear what's going on, so he made sure everyone was clear!

heather said...

Congratulations!! Hasn't it gone by so fast? That was a beautiful day. I remember it well. Looking forward to celebrating our 13th!! Love to you, Eric & the kids. :-)

Lisa said...

Oops.. my mistake. Yes, '94 to '07 is 13 years! Scarey what a couple years out of school will do to your math skills! :-)