Friday, September 21, 2007

A Woodpecker-kind of Day

Remember that note I got yesterday? God must have known I need it for it was all down hill from there. That note was sometimes the only thing that kept me going.

No, nothing horrible, which I thank the Lord for. It was just one of those days: late start, children going sooo slow with school, a house that's been in a state of disaster for several days, shopping, and on top of all that - total exhaustion.

It all came to a head around 5:30 last night - the tears, the feeling of being overwhelmed. Praise the Lord for a compassionate husband. He kindly walked me outside and gave me the 4-wheeler and told me to go for a ride, relax, and take my time. He would feed the kids, etc. He did this in a loving way - not with the attitude of throwing me out of the house. He just said that mom's need a break, too.

Have I ever mentioned that I adore my husband?

So, off I went. I drove to a far back corner of one of the fields, shut off the ATV, and just talked to God and enjoyed the peace. I then had a good time driving around the fields like I did when I was a teenager - let's not even mention how long ago that was!

At one point, I was enjoying some more peace by the pond. I love the pond because it attracts so many birds which are so amazing to watch. Already feeling better, I was also feeling contemplative. I figured there must be some sort of analogy in these peaceful birds. You know, fluttering around in their world, chirping happily, etc.

Sometimes the Lord lightens things up. He gave me my analogy - in a woodpecker. This beautiful red-headed woodpecker flew to a nearby tree and began to peck at it for a fine meal of insects. Some days, that's my life. I smash my face against a tree hoping to get something worthwhile out of it!

Yesterday was a woodpecker-kind of day. But, the God of the woodpecker always gives him something for his efforts. I got some time away. Some time to reflect. A better appreciation for my children.

And, I got a good laugh!


Lisamarie said...

What a cute way to put a difficult day! Haha! I'll remember this the next time I have one of "those" days when I feel like NOTHING is getting accomplished!

Felicia said...

You are such a good writer, Vicki! I love reading your posts. :-)
I hope you have better day tomorrow!

Janice said...

Wow! You rode an ATV! I am so jealous, and feel like such a city dweller even though I live in this tiny little town! We had a really cool go kart- but it broke on some weld spots, so I can't even pretend to "drive off" into the woods. I guess I'll have to just use my plain 'ol van!

becky said...

I miss the ATV! I had such a great time driving it at Michaels 5th birthday party with your father-in-law on the back saying go faster! That was a blast!
I like the woodpecker analogy too!

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Victoria said...

Would be interesting if I could read French.

Dave said...

I don't think it's french,

But more on the Spanish side....If I read correctly Brazil?

Dave said...

Ah it's portugese,