Monday, October 1, 2007

For My Friend

I have a friend who is a new mom. Her baby is sick and my friend feels guilty. Ever been there? I think we all have.

Eric and I have spent more that our share of time in the ER with sick children. The last time we were there together, we noticed that there was a new coffee bar in the waiting room. How nice we thought that was! Then, I realized something. You've been at the hospital way too many times when you notice what's new in the ER!!!

But, on to my thought.

We've had a daughter gash her mouth with a block (don't ask), daughters with extremely high fevers and dehydration due to UTIs, a daughter with undiagnosed e-coli, and a son diagnosed with scoliosis.

Each time we go to the hospital or hear an undesirable test result, there is a sinking feeling in our stomachs.

"What is wrong? What does this mean? Will everything be ok? What did I do wrong?"

The last question plays with our emotions. We think back and try to figure out exactly how things happened and what we could have done differently to prevent the accident, sickness, or condition.

"If I had only been paying closer attention. I I had only taken it seriously more quickly. If I had only known!"

I have finally learned that these thoughts do nothing for my child or for me. These thoughts are useless. Not only that, but these thoughts stem from pride. Some things are in our power to prevent - we are supposed to care for our children the best we can. However, everything is not supposed to be in our control. God knows all things and God has a plan.

When we hear the bad news or stand in the hospital room with a sick child, our thoughts need to be of Christ. Cry out to Him. Ask Him for His grace and for His healing. Trust Him. There have been times when I've had to even ask Him for grace if He decides to take the little one home.

God doesn't blame me. He doesn't make me feel guilty. He's working His perfect plan.

Now, when we're faced with the illness or disability of a child, I push away the guilt that threatens to invade my mind and heart. Instead, I reach up to take my Father's hand. He takes my hand in His and walks with me through the storm.

To my friend - I'm praying for you. You're a great mom. Take the hand of our Comforter and rest in Him.


elianna said...

I can imagine all you've been through with your kids. I'll NEVER forget the block episode!!!!! OR the e coli for that matter...
Hope you don't have to visit ER for a while-but even if you did, God could be glorified somehow, I know!

Dave said...

Isn't it amazing sometimes how you go through life with certain experiences that seem bizarre, just to find out that God "grew" you into something that could be used later on?

I recall patience comes through tribulation. But I also believe wisdom comes through experience.

I pray every morning that God grants me wisdom to make wise decisions, then a bunch of bizarre, riduclous things I experience take up my whole day.

In short, I think the experiences you have had with your children will provide you with the wisdom to help/advise your friends.....