Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Terror in the Night

We had a home invasion last night. There was an intruder in our home. I never saw him, but I screamed. My husband remained calm. The intruder tried to get away, but, in the end, my husband had to do the unthinkable to save his family from harm.

Eric had to kill the intruder. He saved us from...

...a mouse.

I HATE mice!!!

I was innocently relaxing on the couch helping my son with homework when Michael suddenly said, "A mouse!" Those two words sent me into a holy fit - screaming and jumping and getting off the couch and out of that room as quick as I could!!!

The next 15 minutes were spent with Eric and Michael running back and forth in our front room saying, "There it is!" or, "Do you see it?" In the meantime, the rest of the children stood in the doorway giving updates to their mother who refused to even look in the room - "It went under the piano!" "Oh, there it is! It went under the couch!" "It ran back across the room!"

The only time I saw the awful creature is when his lifeless body was carried out of my house on the end of the weapon that did him in - a stick. It wasn't pretty.

My husband is my hero. He killed the mouse, so we don't have to move!

Why something so tiny can make me panic, I have no idea. But, it does. Logically, I know it makes absolutely no sense. I try to prepare myself for the next time and plan how I will react with great calm and practicality. But, each time (trust me, it's really not that often) the reaction is the same. Pure panic!

It's a good thing no one had a video camera rolling. But, I figure my days are numbered on that one. It's just a matter of time before I'll have a house-full of teenagers who will love to play practical jokes on their mother. Then, there I'll be on You-Tube screaming and jumping in terror with peals of teenage laughter in the background.

Until then, my word description will have to suffice.


Mr. Young said...

Funny Stuff Victoria, My wife and kids are like that with spiders. I get to be "Daddy the Mighty Spider Slayer!" and sometimes my wife will even play along with a "my hero" when the job is completed. Who can blame her, think of the lives I have saved, by killing these 8 legged monsters!

Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to me when we were cleaning out Andy's grandmas house. She had a bunch of yarn spools I was sorting through and when I picked one up it was a little heavier than the rest. I looked inside and saw some insulation (or so I thought). I poked inside and out the other end it ran down me and across the floor. I screamed in terror for Andy who was upstairs, but quickly came down (after jumping on a bin and breaking it). He came down to see me jumping up and down pointing to where it went. When he found it he said come here you have to see it. I could barely move and did not want to see it. He then got the digital camera and took a picture of a mommy mouse and I think there were four baby mice on it. I flipped out and said we have to leave now. Sadly(but not really) he did kill the little mouse family and we went home right away. I hate mice too. So I can appreciate your little story. - -- Sarah Hinds

elianna said...

Catch me coming over any time soon!!! just kidding-I think.. I love animal stories but I prefer that they don't invade MY life! :):):) I wonder what mice were like before Eve ate that fruit???
On a practical note, here's the inspiration to pray for missionary wives more! I mean, Mr. Mouse wasn't a cobra in your backyard...

Felicia said...

LOL! I would have done the same thing Vicki...and from then on I would be terrified. :-)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only woman who has a spasm every time some little thing invades the house! Believe me, had I been in your house at that moment, I'd have been screaming along with you! I never run out of appreciation for Damon, my own personal hero and critter killer! :-)

Victoria said...

Sarah - how you didn't have a heart attack then and there, I don't know!! I flipped out and I didn't even see, let alone TOUCH, our mouse!!!! Glad you survived that!!

Lisa - you have SNAKES!! You're fear is completely justified!

becky said...

Tee Hee...and to think when Dave's parent's house was invaded last fall (thank God we don't have to deal with that anymore!) I caught the mouse in a bowl and threw it in a trash can outside...Dave did the manly thing and shot it with the BB Gun...LOL! Needless to say traps were set out in MANY places in that house.