Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Annual Family Christmas Picture

OK, where's the camera? How do I get it to "sepia?"

Michael, stand here. Seth, here. Smile. No, Mike, stand straight. Great, I just turned off the camera and have to reset it to "sepia." Smile.

Hmm. Blurry. Try again. Good!

Stand there so I can take about 25 more shots. Um, why did you just roll your eyes?

OK, girls, your turn. By the way, thanks for standing patiently for the past hour while I curled your hair. GLORIA!!!! DON'T LAY DOWN! Well, ok, you're two - people will think you're adorable with your hair standing straight up like that.


Girls, stand in front of the window. Oh brother. We get clouds 360 days a year and TODAY it decides to be sunny. Can't see a thing other than those blinding rays through the window!

Breakfast? Church? Don't you know we have pictures to take? Oh, that's right. It's Sunday. Time to worship the Lord in spirit...

Back home - let's try this again. Katrina, WHY are you crying? Just smile so I can take a picture of this oh-so-happy family! Gloria, stop making funny faces. Cassia and Anna, just STAND there and smile until Gloria cooperates. WILL EVERYONE PLEASE SMILE????!!!!!!

Anna, why are you crying? GET HAPPY!

I give up. We'll try individual shots tomorrow. Maybe. Better yet, we'll copy one of those lovely family pictures that come with the frames at Wal-Mart. No one will know, will they?

Can't you just feel the holiday spirit?


elianna said...

Oh my word. You have such a way of making the most un-funny (is that a word?!) things SO hysterical to read about!
(btw-the PICTURES may not have turned out-but the PEOPLE were smiling & happy & nice looking in person today!!!!!) :):):) And that's what counts, right?

Lisa said...

We're just getting ready for our first Christmas picture with a little one... thanks for the heads up on what it'll be like! :-) By the way- do you have any tips for getting a 10 month old to smile at a camera on timer?

Felicia said...

haha...I hope today goes better with the single shots!

Cheryl said...

Lol! Guess what's on my schedule for tomorrow?! On, second thought, since you reminded me how much fun getting 5 kids to smile and all cooperate at the same time can be, maybe I'll wait until I've had a full nights sleep without any interruptions, no alarm waking me while it's yet dark, no school to teach, laundry to wash, dishes to clean, meals to bake, disagreements to settle, crying to check on, diapers to change - hmm, I guess I'd better get crackin' at those pictures or everyone will think we fell off the face of the earth! :o) Thanks for the laugh today!

Dave said...

Well , now I know what's behind those pictures that show up every year.

Susan said...

We need to get our photos rolling here. First time looked at your blog. Will come back!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

If there is one thing that stresses me out more than anything, that would be a family photo. It always brings out the worse in me. Just ask my kids!