Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello, Again!

I have set a record - the longest time between blog posts! I have a TON of excuses, but, alas, no one is too interested in hearing those! Trust me, as a mom, I understand!

Truthfully, I have toyed with the idea of quitting my blog all together. I'm of the opinion that if you're going to do something, you had better be faithful! But, I also realize I'm an extremist. All or nothing, that's my motto!

I enjoy blogging for several reasons, but two reason stand out. First, I love to write and this is a wonderful outlet for me to do so. Second, in some way I'm not sure I understand, this blog is a blessing to several people for various reasons. In my little world, it can be easy to lose opportunities to bless others. I enjoy being able to be used of God whether through His Word, humor, or encouragement.

However, I have a family who NEEDS me and they are my priority. We have FINALLY found a schedule that is helping Michael, but it requires me to sit with him during the afternoon. I usually found time to write posts in the afternoon or late at night. However, I have had a taste of a few decent nights' sleep as of late and, guess what! I LOVE HAVING A DECENT NIGHT'S SLEEP! I plan on making it a habit!

So, here's my conclusion. My family is my foremost ministry. However, reaching out to others in order to be a blessing is also a worthwhile ministry. Therefore, I don't think it's wise to quit blogging all together at this time.

From now on, at least during the school year, I'll be posting twice a week. I don't have set days, they'll have to be days when I can fit it in, but I will make a point to fit it in. Ministry isn't always "convenient" but it must not stand in the way of my family - my God-given ministry.

So, for all of you who like keeping up with the antics and odd thoughts of this writer, thank you. I am encouraged by many of you and pray that I will be able to continue to bless your day in some small way.


drandall said...

I'm glad you aren't giving up blogging altogether. Aunt Peggy and I look forward to your writing. We understand how difficult it is to find time for what you like when you have a family that needs you too. I agree that your blog is a blessing to others so just do what you can.
Aunt Peggy & Uncle Richard

elianna said...

Well I am glad you aren't stopping permanently!!! But I certainly do understand that you have some other priorities! Hope you have a terrific week! :)
love u guys...

Lisa said...

If it ever is too much, I'd completely understand you closing down your blog. But... I'm also glad it's not this week. :-)

Jen said...

Looking forward to any time that you are able to post! I'm glad you aren't done with it completely! :)

Dave said...

Well if that makes you feel bad...I must be a real heathen then.