Friday, November 16, 2007

This Day in History

November 16, 2003 - Our 5th child, Seth, is born!

Our second boy!!! Michael finally has a brother after 6 years and 3 sisters! When we found out during our ultra-sound that we were having a boy, Michael said, "God gave me a brother!!!"

Seth is a bundle of energy - always has been. He smiles so much and is so loveable. He'll come up to me or call from the other room, "I love you, mommy!" He'll say the same to his brothers and sisters. Sometimes, he'll look at me and say, "Are you happy?" If I say that I am, he'll often say, "Then smile!" If I'm sad or frustrated and let him know I'm not happy, he'll give a sympathetic "Oh" and give me a hug or say "Look at my smile." When I see that grin, a smile involuntarily appears on my own face!

An attitude adjustment from my four year old!

I've been grateful for each child God has given to us, but I prayed for Seth. He and his sister before him are 20 months apart, which was a big age gap for us as the girls are 14 and 18 months apart. I was actually at the point of yearning for another baby. More than that, though, I yearned for another boy - a brother for Michael.

There are six years between Michael and Seth. Much more and there would be little relationship between the two. But, as it is, the two of them love each other and I see that brother-bond becoming stronger as time goes on. Just the other day, they were outside conquering the world together!

I not only prayed for Seth, but I literally prayed over him the moment he was born. Seth did not breathe for the first whole minute of his life. Let me tell you, when you're looking at your blue baby not breathing and with an oxygen mask over his face, you will pray like you never have before! God, again, answered my prayer.

God has a plan for Seth. Yes, he has a plan for every human, but I, like Hannah, gave Seth to the Lord for His service before I was even pregnant with him. What the plan is, I don't know. But, he is the Lord's. I pray that I am faithful to raise each of my sons to be worthy of serving the King of kings.

Seth is a joy to our hearts. His smile is endearing. His laughter is contagious. His love is freely given.

Happy birthday to a little boy from whom I can learn much!


elianna said...

Happy Birthday Seth! I can't believe he's 4 already!!!! Yikes! It seems like yesterday that I was swaddling this tiny baby...Seth was about 4 months old the first time I babysat your kids alone. (I remember I was scared stiff at first!)
Tell my little man happy birthday! :)

Lisa said...

I feel like I'm getting to know you and your children so much better through these stories you tell! I'm just imagining what fervent prayers you prayed for Seth during that first minute of his little life! For sure, God has a great plan for him!