Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to...My Life

This week, my almost four year old son discovered the pleasures of shooting rubber bands. In the house.

We have one rule: don't shoot at people.

Seth is now rarely seen without his trusty ole rubber bands. He has spent hours shooting them in the living room, kitchen...any room you can think of. Frequently, one will get lost and he will then have to replace it.

Shoot. Lose. Replace. Shoot. Lose. Replace.

A few of his siblings have observed the sheer joy this activity brings to their brother and have decided to follow the same path.

Shoot. Lose. Replace.

Late last night, while the little snipers were sound asleep, I needed a rubber band. I discovered the bag that once held 85 rubber bands...empty.

Shoot. Lose. Replace.

Eighty-five rubber bands.

Think about it.

Welcome to my life!


Janice said...

Isn't it amazing the things we consider every day and commonplace? Most people would never think about having a personal stash of RUBBER BANDS!! Add them to the tape, scissors, batteries and super glue you already have some where SECRET!!

elianna said...

Oh my. I have just ONE question...
(maybe Seth needs a nice target set up in the driveway...!!!)

Victoria said...

I think it's just one of those guy things they naturally know how to do - that and car noises!

Jen said...

Ok that so sounded like my dad! I think every large family goes through this stuff and it's funny to hear someone else write about it!

Victoria said...

I have to laugh everytime your dad uses your family as an example - it always makes me feel a little better knowing we're not the only crazy ones! :0)