Sunday, December 2, 2007

Emotional Overload!

What a weekend!!!! So many joys and some sorrow, too.

Thursday, I found out that a wonderful couple in our church who've been desiring a baby for a year and a half are finally expecting. They officially announced it today. Right after their announcement, another couple we've been praying for for almost 5 years announced they're expecting, also!!! "Rejoice with them that do rejoice!"

The Home School Fair on Saturday was tremendous!!! My kids didn't win anything, but they did their best and had a blast! After the first competition, someone asked my daughter, "how'd you do?" and she, with a smile, replied, "I did my best!" I wish I could express how thrilled I am with my children. I honestly can say that I couldn't have been happier if they had one first place! The experience they gained in learning, competing, getting up in front of people, taking "defeat" with a smile, etc. are prizes in themselves. All the kids did amazingly well. So many encouraged one another and were truly happy when their peers won. It was a blessed day - one that our family will remember. However, we'll have to remember it solely in our minds as I forgot my camera at home. No prizes for me!

This morning, our little Zane was dedicated to the Lord along with 3 other babies recently born in our church. Actually, he (and the others, I am sure) was dedicated long before this, but today was a public testimony of our desire to raise our seventh child in the ways of our Lord. It is a humbling thought that God has entrusted these precious little ones to our care for this sole (soul) purpose. What a blessing it is to have two of the best pastors on earth who have committed themselves to encourage us in this process!

"Weep with them that weep." Our dear friend, Dave Hance, is in ICU as of this morning. Please continue to pray for him and his family. For the sake of privacy, I won't go into details. However, I spoke with his wife this evening and this is a difficult situation. As you go about your work week and Christmas preparations, remember to pray for those around you who are hurting - including the Hance family.

Joyful tears. Tears of sorrow. Many of both kinds have been shed this weekend. The Lord is good through it all!

Blessed be the name of the LORD!


Sara N. Smith said...

It's wonderful to meet you through your blog....and it is very beautiful!
I too was so excited hearing the news of the gals' pregnanies! What an answer to prayer! Truly God is good!

elianna said...

I'll have to email you some pictures of the homeschool fair! :)

Dave said...

I finally figured it out! You have 7 kids like the seven horsemen in Revelation :)

Now I will never forget how many you have


Jenna said...

What a week for sure! It was so amazing!