Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rekindling the Spark!

Eric and I had our annual Christmas date on Saturday night. Obviously, we go out several times a year, but we've always made a point to go out during the Christmas season.

We had a MARVELOUS time! If you remember a previous "date post" where everything went wrong - this was pretty much the complete opposite!

First, we went to our favorite Prime Rib place. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere makes for a wonderful romantic dinner.

After dinner, we took a drive to pick up my father-in-law's Christmas present. That done, Eric had the brilliant idea to take me to pick out my own Christmas gift as he never seems to know what to get for me. This way, I'd get what I wanted and he can just wrap it and I'll act surprised Christmas morning! Hey, beats an empty stocking.

So, for the first time ever, Eric followed me into the Bath and Body Works. My husband does not go into these types of stores, but this night, he joined the ranks of husbands being led into a place saturated with the scents of florals and fruits.

For a guy, this makes no sense. Just get a bar of soap and you're set. But, not for a woman. It has to be just the right scent. And, it can't be solid. It has to come from a bottle. Also, soap isn't enough - you have to follow up with either lotion or spray.

It takes me quite some time to find "my" scent. I found a great one last spring - Wild Cherry Blossom. Mmmmm! But - surprise, surprise - there was no Wild Cherry Blossom to be found on Saturday evening. So, the hunt was on. My husband saw first-hand the intricacies of the scent-search. Careful scanning of the shelves, opening bottles to smell, then spraying or testing the lotion. On to the next group of items. Back here, over there, return to the front of the store - about 3 times.

FINALLY, I found a scent I liked - Warm Vanilla Sugar. Not cherries, but it will suffice. It's more winter-like, anyway. All through this girlie-ritual, Eric was great - just happily following me around. It helped that I could joke about this whole process with him. However, when I asked the associate which she recommended "the body butter or the body cream," that was the last straw. Eric stated, "That's it, I'm leaving!" Too much information than he wanted. Once I decided on the cream (I know all you girls would want to know), I found him entering a sporting store (sweat smells and testosterone) and he happily (I think) came back to pay for my Christmas present. It was a memorable and fun experience. I wish I had a camera!

Next stop - Panera Bread for coffee. I love this place. Eric has yet to have a good experience. The first time we went, all he wanted was a chocolate chip cookies. I've seen these American favorites every time I've been there. Except for that time. Strike one. The next time he took me there was the time our car broke down - right in their parking lot. Strike two. Saturday night, we made it in, Eric didn't want a cookie (though, of course, they had them), but got a delicious cup of coffee. So far, so good. Too good.

I must insert here that my husband is one of the most easy-going people I know. Very little bothers or un-nerves him. The one thing in this world that he hates more than anything, is a running vacuum cleaner.

So, guess what starts up while we're waiting for our coffee? Strike three. Hey, no date is perfect.

We topped the night off by going to visit a friend of ours who is camping out on our property. He's got quite the cozy set-up and we enjoyed just hanging out for a while. Hanging out - something the parents of 7 children rarely do. But, it was fun.

Spending time, special time, with my man. There is nothing I would rather do and I'm grateful that he feels the same. Have you had a date with the love of your life, lately? It would be easy for me to get on my soap-box and "preach" the importance of couples going out, but I'll remain planted on the ground. I'll just say this: plan a time, get a sitter (if needed), and GO! Hold hands, talk, and laugh. Rekindle that spark. Remember who you married.

I remember - and I'm still crazy in love!


Janice said...

So sweet and inspiring! I, too have a date tomorrow! Not an evening... all day! This will not be "our annual"... it will be THE FIRST! I have made him promise to help with all the Christmas shopping etc., and wrap it all around a day out with me. He seems to be looking forward to it! Time will tell!!! ( I am with Eric on the whole vacuuming thing!)

Jenna said...

I love special dates! I'm so glad that you had a good one! Thanks for being such a good example to us of a great marriage and being in love even when you have a bunch of kids! :)

elianna said...

So glad you two had a great time-AND that the pictures turned out! :) I think it's pretty funny that we have the same 2 favorite B&BW scents too...I LOVE that store!!!! (though it can be SOOO overwhelming!)