Friday, December 28, 2007

True gifts!

I don't do this often, but I want you to go over to my friend Kevin's blog. He has recently posted 3 videos. One, is of Victoria Falls - one of God's many gifts to us. The other two are perfect examples of the sweetest gifts we can give to the Lord - pure hearts expressing themselves in song. Remember - these Zambians are POOR in money, food, and possessions. All they have is Christ. Why do I feel envious of them?

Please, in remembering what Christmas is all about, watch these videos. While you're at it, pray for Kevin as he goes back to Zambia in just a few days.

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staceyhoff said...

Hi, I would love to watch these videos :) I have found our blog through a search for others who posted Debbie Pearl's book Created to be His helpmeet in their interests :) I love how you reminded me in the first few seconds upon visiting your blog that I am indeed living a dream, it was always my dream as a child to be a wife and a mother. I will definately visit again :)

Happy New Year :)