Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living Biographies

"Can I see?" "Come here, Gloria, sit on my lap." "Cassia, move over a bit so Seth can see."

We, as a family, are crowded around the computer screen, looking at some pictures of a far-off missionary family. In my children's hearts, a seed is being planted. A seed that I pray will grow into a real burden for missions; whether it be praying, giving, or going.

I have a Facebook account. This is a great way to keep up with friends and family near or far away. But, more importantly, this is a tremendous way to stay in touch with missionaries. Missionaries thrive on the communication this venue allows.

Our church has, by the grace of God, several missionaries on the field or on deputation. Many of these families can be found on Facebook. Our children love to crowd around the computer with me to see the new pictures posted or, even more fun, the videos that some of the missionaries post. Our children are able to see where our friends live, what they are doing, what the conditions are, how they worship, and how their children are growing.

My son has a friend who, with his parents, is visiting his missionary-sister and her family in Mozambique for the next month. Michael loved seeing pictures of his friend's first plane trip, the reunion the family had, the wonderful family-moments caught on camera. The video of the Mozambiquan band at the airport gave my children a feel for the culture. The video of the thunderstorm amazed them, also.

The video of the Zambian Sunday School class on Kevin's blog opened their eyes and ears to the fact that children worship in song around the world. "What are they singing? Why are they doing that? Where is this?" What a way to get a conversation going about missions!

There are countless missionary biographies out there for us to read - and we should. Reading together is one of our favorite family-time traditions. However, never before have children been able to experience missionary-life so vividly. More than just a prayer card, seeing the lives of today's missionaries is slowly impressing the burden of missions on their young hearts.

Worthwhile time spent in front of a computer screen. When they walk away, I want them to remember and water that seed growing in their hearts.


Hindsey said...

Vicki, great post. I love that idea, and now I want to start including that into our family's regular activities, more than just talking about them in passing.

Sarah.... are you reading this today? Let's do it, ok!?

Victoria said...

Whoa - Andy actually left a comment on MY blog! I feel like I've finally made it!:)

Jenna said...

Good things can come out of the internet! It is a great tool!

jen said...

hmmm. people have been bugging me about facebook. this may be the best reason I've heard so far to join up!

laura said...

Hey Vicki!I didn't know you had a blog-saw the link on Kevin's blog. I think it is great to expose children to anything about missions/other cultures. Since I can remember, I've known missionaries.I'm really thankful for that, as I know it's helped to shape my desire for missions.

Angel said...

I totally agree. We try to make sure that our kids have ample opportunity to be around the missionaries that come to our church. The kids are so intrigued by the things that the missionaries bring along with them. Whenever possible, I like to have them for dinner so we can hear more about their lives witnessing in other countries. A book that my 12 year old just read is a book about a missionary family called, It's a Jungle Out There. She really enjoyed it.