Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I felt a bit depressed. Memories of days gone by seemed more fun and more dear to me than the here and now. Have you ever felt that way? Be careful, because it can lead you down a road of dis-satisfaction.

I know. I was headed down "Discontentment Trail."

Then, I forced myself to remember some of the special times I had with my dearest Eric. Yes, sometimes it takes a conscious effort to think back to the "good ol' days." Remembering our dating years made me realize that he and I have some pretty precious memories: walking hand in hand around our hometown, holding hands in the car on our way to an event, going for long bike rides early in the morning, etc. Yeah, we were pretty romantic back in the day!

The flame in my heart was not gone, it was smoldering just a bit. That happens now and again with old married people. There are times when a bit of kindling needs to be thrown on the coals. Memories are great kindling! Thinking on those things got me out of my discontentment and made me realize how blessed I truly am! "...whatsoever things are lovely...think on these things."

I then began to bask in the memories of our children's early days. I remembered some of the cute things my older children said and did when they were the ages of my three little ones now. The way Michael looked walking out to the barn by himself when he was 3, the times my children began to walk, read, begin doing school. I remembered some of the outings we've taken together as a family - the smiles and laughter shared. It made me realize that we are constantly making memories. We make memories each and every day.

We need to enjoy the memories while we're making them.

And someday, we'll look back on today and smile.


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Dave said...


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Victoria said...

Ok - did you guys get together on this one?!

angel said...

A good old fashioned date is always a good remedy for making some current memories. I love to go on dates with my husband. They don't happen as much as I'd like. For some reason, the more children you have the less volunteers you have to help watch them. I only have 3 and that's the case.
I miss the days when everybody was little. They were so energentic and delightful. Everyday was a new adventure. I try to remember to make new memories with my kids each day now that they are older. Some days we make great ones. Others......I have to work on that!

jen said...

now, whatever would make you think that, Vicki? ;)

Dave said...

It was Jen's idea!


becky said...

I still like to think on the past and the fun times!

I have to laugh when I remember camping with you guys and the cleanest cabin in the woods ;0)

Ahhh the fun times!

Dave said...

Oh yah...Alleghany State Park!

We all made bets about that!

becky said...

Of course Dave then there was when Dad yelled out the cabin door for the kid behind us to be quiet...LOL! We were both trying not to laugh cause we knew we would get in trouble.

That was funny!