Thursday, February 28, 2008


What is the deal with socks? And stockings? And shoes?

Here's a typical day:

"Katrina, get some socks on your feet. It's cold."

"I don't have any."

"What do you mean you don't have any? I bought about a hundred last week."

"I don't know. I can't find any."

"Get back upstairs and find some socks. I know you have some."

Of course, I'm saying this as sweetly as Maria Von Traap - in fact, I'm singing it.

A few minutes later, she comes down with socks.

But, they don't match. This is because ONE time we were on our way to church and the same situation occurred. She had no matching socks and her sister had the last pair of stockings. Because it's winter and she was just wearing boots, I told her to get socks on and don't worry about them not matching as no one would see them anyway.

ONE time! That was all it took.

Don't ever do that. Now we're in this vicious downhill spiral. She wears unmatching socks because she can't find matching ones. So, when the match gets washed the other one is dirty. We've been out in public and I've seen her with one red sock and one yellow.

Fashion trending - it's what we're all about.

Then, we have Cassia. Girl who walks around with her big toe sticking out of her stocking. Very attractive. Being invited to a house where we need to take our shoes off - biggest fear of my life.

Tuesday night, all three of my girls were in a piano recital. Apparently, they had worn every pair of stockings in the house. One of my girls found a clean pair. Another wore a not so clean pair. My other one wore ankle socks with a dress she wore in a wedding a few years back. The dress was so long no one would ever know.

Until she sat on that piano bench with her back to us. The dress went up and those socks made a nasty appearance.

Did you know a 34 year old woman CAN crawl and stay underneath a folding chair?

At least, in one way or another, feet were covered. Except for my one daughter. She only had 1 shoe. I don't know how you can lose one shoe. A pair, maybe. But one? Don't they travel together? Recital night and one shoe.

Praise the Lord for the church family who lives across the street from the church with a daughter around my daughter's age. We picked up her shoes for the evening. OK, so they were a size too big.


Then there's the boys. Nine church services out of ten, they're wearing dark socks, but if you look closely...never mind, don't look closely. I'm humiliated enough. Especially after that one Wednesday night when another mom noticed that my 10 year old was wearing dress shoes with NO socks...

I do the laundry. Really. Nine people. Whites, colors, delicates, towels. Homeschooling. Three meals a day. Seven kids.

Forgive me for the mismatched, holey socks...or none, whatever the case may be. I'll get it together.

Tonight, I'm going to buy another hundred pair of socks. Then my kids will be presentable.

For at least five days.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our "New" House

Only because you asked. Guys - DON'T LEAVE! There's "guy stuff" in a post below this!

We decided to go with some slate in front of the hearth. BTW - those stones were hand-picked from our fields years ago by my father-in-law.

The kids really like the new living room floor.

Our new armoire in the corner. I love that it looks nice and hides all the "technical" mess! Gotta love craigslist.

Our bathroom was re-painted from a burgandy to this mocha with ivory sponged at the bottom. I wanted a new mirror, but they were so expensive. Then, one of the girls who worked on the bathroom mentioned that her family just happened to have the exact mirror I wanted and had no place for it. HELLO!!! The glass shelf is great to get all the paraphenalia off the sink.

Art in the bathroom? Why not. Some of my favorite things ended up in here as almost everyone who comes to my house ends up in this room.

Instead of towel racks - which are ridiculously expensive - I got some brass hooks. The kids never fold the towels when they put them back, anyway.

Our kitchen. The walls went from a dark blue to a pretty country yellow. Eric will be making a new (and larger) table in the near future.

More of the kitchen with my little helpers!

I love these curtains. I was originally going to go with a John Deere theme, but now have decided with a general "farm" theme. Original, I know.

Just an added one. May the Word of God always be the center of our home and family.

I have to say that I didn't have to lift a finger for any of this - I just master-minded it all. The Lord has blessed us with some wonderful young people in our church who love to help. I had a blast with four teenagers in my house working together to help me. The floor was laid by a man in our church who has his own flooring business. What a blessing to be part of the body of Christ!

For My Guy-Readers Who Could Care Less About My House Pictures

For all of you real men out there, here are some pictures of the suped-up tractors Eric saw at the National Farm Machinery Show. Enjoy. Then, try to be content with your little "lawn tractors!"

Greene is best!

Good word for anyone who would put this much time into a tractor and not get any work out of it!

This is my personal favorite.

Who said farmers don't have a sense of humor?

Love it!

Am I allowed to have TWO favorites? This is so cool!

Sorry for the gambling theme, but it's still a neat paint job!

Are you guys drooling?

Where do they come up with this stuff?

This was during the tractor pull. See that big tube? That was for all the exhaust to go through to keep the place from getting so smoky no one could see anything and also to avoid poisoning the entire audience with carbon monoxide.

Never let it be said that this is a "girl" blog!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally...My 100th Post!

And you'd think I'd have something monumental to write about! But, alas, I do not. Unless you count the fact that my husband will be home in 4 hours after being away for ELEVEN days!! To me, that's monumental.

My husband is my life. We've done OK while he's been gone, but I couldn't imagine facing too many more days without him. We've talked several times each day he's been away, but it's not the same as seeing his face, holding his hand, feeling his presence.

We've painted two rooms, laid a wood floor, and added a new piece of furniture since Eric left. I love our "new" house. But, something is missing. Someone is missing.

When Eric arrives, this place will be home again. It will be complete.

I will be complete.

My 100th post is dedicated to my husband. My love. My life.

"My beloved is mine, and I am his..."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Absence of Valentines

I wasn't going to post today, but the title of this blog seems to demand that I write something!

Normally, I love Valentine's Day. A wonderful day to do something a little extra special for the one I share my life with. A day to take time to think on how blessed I am to have him to love and to be loved by him.

But, tonight, my Valentine is hundreds of miles away. So, I'm sad. I miss him terribly. I can't sleep well without him. Even though my house has been full of other people since he left, I miss his company. I miss seeing his smile. I miss his kisses. I miss his nearness.

As I sit here feeling sorry for myself, I think of several ladies that I know personally who, if they were not so gracious, would laugh at my self-pity. These women have husbands in the military. Husbands who are overseas for six months, a year, or longer. Women who have to pray for their husbands safe return with an earnestness I can only imagine. Women who are left to meet the daily needs of their children and homes alone.

My valentine is away for a week and a half. I miss him like crazy. This gives me some comfort to know that my love for him still runs deep.

But, my valentine is away for a short time on vacation. He is safe. He calls several times a day. My children won't forget what he looks like. They won't forget what he sounds like. We don't have to worry about him. We don't have to wonder...

To those whose valentines are in harms you miss him, as you pray for him, as you continue to love him, know that I pray for you. As a result of my relatively pathetic separation, I have a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice you make. Your men are heroes of mine, but you, their wives, have my deepest respect and admiration.

I know it's an odd valentine's day post, but, as you enjoy a special evening with your sweetheart, pray for the sweethearts who are sacrificing many special evenings together - for us.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

As the Lord Commanded...

Tonight, we were finishing the book of Exodus. All the items for the tabernacle had been made and Moses was now setting them in order. Many verses told us where and how Moses placed the items and the thought would end, " the Lord commanded Moses."

After the fifth verse ended in the same manner, Anna (my 7 year old) asked, "Why do all these verses end with ' the Lord commanded Moses'?"

I had already thought about it. I'd never really noticed it before, but how profound. I explained that Moses was, in a sense, doing the "mundane" task of setting up house.

OK, it was God's house.

But, wait a minute, aren't our homes supposed to be homes where we invite the Lord to dwell? Should we not do things decently and in order "as the Lord commanded"?

I told the kids that I am commanded to keep my home and family in a particular way according to the Lord. Do I do as the Lord commanded Vicki? I looked at Cassia and said, "When I tell you to pick up your room, do you do as I say or, better yet, do you obey me as the Lord commanded Cassia?"

Go ahead. Put your name in the place of Moses' name.

I must raise my children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

I must submit to and reverence my husband - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

In my mouth I need to have the law of kindness and no guile - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

I must be slow to anger - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

What do I do with the commands God has given me?

Makes me think. Makes me tremble. Makes me humble.

Lord, help me to do all that Thou hast commanded me to do!