Wednesday, February 6, 2008

As the Lord Commanded...

Tonight, we were finishing the book of Exodus. All the items for the tabernacle had been made and Moses was now setting them in order. Many verses told us where and how Moses placed the items and the thought would end, " the Lord commanded Moses."

After the fifth verse ended in the same manner, Anna (my 7 year old) asked, "Why do all these verses end with ' the Lord commanded Moses'?"

I had already thought about it. I'd never really noticed it before, but how profound. I explained that Moses was, in a sense, doing the "mundane" task of setting up house.

OK, it was God's house.

But, wait a minute, aren't our homes supposed to be homes where we invite the Lord to dwell? Should we not do things decently and in order "as the Lord commanded"?

I told the kids that I am commanded to keep my home and family in a particular way according to the Lord. Do I do as the Lord commanded Vicki? I looked at Cassia and said, "When I tell you to pick up your room, do you do as I say or, better yet, do you obey me as the Lord commanded Cassia?"

Go ahead. Put your name in the place of Moses' name.

I must raise my children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

I must submit to and reverence my husband - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

In my mouth I need to have the law of kindness and no guile - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

I must be slow to anger - as the Lord commanded Vicki.

What do I do with the commands God has given me?

Makes me think. Makes me tremble. Makes me humble.

Lord, help me to do all that Thou hast commanded me to do!


Jenna said...

That is profound.

Sara N. Smith said...

Makes me think too! Thanks for the reminder - good post!

Janice said...

Yikes. I might not stack up so well here. Can I use your name for a while ? Until I have it nailed down, then I will start using mine!

Thanks for the post!

Ginger said...

That was wonderful and something I sure needed to read this morning, in the wee hours of non sleeping.