Thursday, February 28, 2008


What is the deal with socks? And stockings? And shoes?

Here's a typical day:

"Katrina, get some socks on your feet. It's cold."

"I don't have any."

"What do you mean you don't have any? I bought about a hundred last week."

"I don't know. I can't find any."

"Get back upstairs and find some socks. I know you have some."

Of course, I'm saying this as sweetly as Maria Von Traap - in fact, I'm singing it.

A few minutes later, she comes down with socks.

But, they don't match. This is because ONE time we were on our way to church and the same situation occurred. She had no matching socks and her sister had the last pair of stockings. Because it's winter and she was just wearing boots, I told her to get socks on and don't worry about them not matching as no one would see them anyway.

ONE time! That was all it took.

Don't ever do that. Now we're in this vicious downhill spiral. She wears unmatching socks because she can't find matching ones. So, when the match gets washed the other one is dirty. We've been out in public and I've seen her with one red sock and one yellow.

Fashion trending - it's what we're all about.

Then, we have Cassia. Girl who walks around with her big toe sticking out of her stocking. Very attractive. Being invited to a house where we need to take our shoes off - biggest fear of my life.

Tuesday night, all three of my girls were in a piano recital. Apparently, they had worn every pair of stockings in the house. One of my girls found a clean pair. Another wore a not so clean pair. My other one wore ankle socks with a dress she wore in a wedding a few years back. The dress was so long no one would ever know.

Until she sat on that piano bench with her back to us. The dress went up and those socks made a nasty appearance.

Did you know a 34 year old woman CAN crawl and stay underneath a folding chair?

At least, in one way or another, feet were covered. Except for my one daughter. She only had 1 shoe. I don't know how you can lose one shoe. A pair, maybe. But one? Don't they travel together? Recital night and one shoe.

Praise the Lord for the church family who lives across the street from the church with a daughter around my daughter's age. We picked up her shoes for the evening. OK, so they were a size too big.


Then there's the boys. Nine church services out of ten, they're wearing dark socks, but if you look closely...never mind, don't look closely. I'm humiliated enough. Especially after that one Wednesday night when another mom noticed that my 10 year old was wearing dress shoes with NO socks...

I do the laundry. Really. Nine people. Whites, colors, delicates, towels. Homeschooling. Three meals a day. Seven kids.

Forgive me for the mismatched, holey socks...or none, whatever the case may be. I'll get it together.

Tonight, I'm going to buy another hundred pair of socks. Then my kids will be presentable.

For at least five days.


jen said...

well, I've heard of places that make socks in sets of three to alleviate just such problems as you have!

The other solutions I've heard of involve embroidering color codes onto each child's sock, and I've always thought what a ridiculous suggestion that is. If you've so many kids who are continually losing socks, will you really have time to embroider their initials onto each and every sock you purchase??

I'm guessing not.

Jenna said...

This post made me LOL

elianna said...

Ha Ha. It's the little things that get you in life isn't it!! :)

Angel said...

We only have 5 in our house and I so easily identify! I have 2 laundry baskets filled with one sock from the pair. My mother tells me to throw them away and start over again but I can't seem to part with them because I keep hoping I'll run into the match somewhere! Where do they all go?

Brenda said...

Well I AM glad that you posted this!!!! Can I link you for my Keepin' It Real series?

I have the same problem. We can have a pile of clean socks 6 feet high and there is not one match. It is amazing.

I already gave up tonight. They are wearing no socks to church tomorrow. I call it the "springy look"!

Lisa said...

It's incredible how quickly socks end up single! Good thing they're relatively cheap to buy!

heather said...

I have a box of socks that are missing the mate & have put a sign on it that I saw a while back -"Single sock seeks "sole" mate". Cute, huh??

Victoria said...

Cute, Heather!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

I have the same exact problem! Fortunately over here, now they seldom even wear socks!
I always thought that maybe it would be easier to forgo buying "colored" socks, and just get white, and everyone gets the same style sock--but that doesn't work to well either with different sizes.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

I really enjoy your blog and just started reading not too long ago. We have something in common. I am madly in love with my Eric, as well. You'll have to read our story on my family blog (it's in the February posts).

I loved this post! I laughed and laughed!

I'm just getting over a cold that kept me in the bedroom for two days and left 6 loads of laundry on the floor. I was complaining and feeling down. Laundry for 9 puts it into perspective for me with only a family of 5. :-) I give you a HUGE gold star!