Saturday, February 23, 2008

For My Guy-Readers Who Could Care Less About My House Pictures

For all of you real men out there, here are some pictures of the suped-up tractors Eric saw at the National Farm Machinery Show. Enjoy. Then, try to be content with your little "lawn tractors!"

Greene is best!

Good word for anyone who would put this much time into a tractor and not get any work out of it!

This is my personal favorite.

Who said farmers don't have a sense of humor?

Love it!

Am I allowed to have TWO favorites? This is so cool!

Sorry for the gambling theme, but it's still a neat paint job!

Are you guys drooling?

Where do they come up with this stuff?

This was during the tractor pull. See that big tube? That was for all the exhaust to go through to keep the place from getting so smoky no one could see anything and also to avoid poisoning the entire audience with carbon monoxide.

Never let it be said that this is a "girl" blog!

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The Reynolds said...

I'll be calling my son in to see these....I'll have to leave though....I don't like getting all wet from the drool!