Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our "New" House

Only because you asked. Guys - DON'T LEAVE! There's "guy stuff" in a post below this!

We decided to go with some slate in front of the hearth. BTW - those stones were hand-picked from our fields years ago by my father-in-law.

The kids really like the new living room floor.

Our new armoire in the corner. I love that it looks nice and hides all the "technical" mess! Gotta love craigslist.

Our bathroom was re-painted from a burgandy to this mocha with ivory sponged at the bottom. I wanted a new mirror, but they were so expensive. Then, one of the girls who worked on the bathroom mentioned that her family just happened to have the exact mirror I wanted and had no place for it. HELLO!!! The glass shelf is great to get all the paraphenalia off the sink.

Art in the bathroom? Why not. Some of my favorite things ended up in here as almost everyone who comes to my house ends up in this room.

Instead of towel racks - which are ridiculously expensive - I got some brass hooks. The kids never fold the towels when they put them back, anyway.

Our kitchen. The walls went from a dark blue to a pretty country yellow. Eric will be making a new (and larger) table in the near future.

More of the kitchen with my little helpers!

I love these curtains. I was originally going to go with a John Deere theme, but now have decided with a general "farm" theme. Original, I know.

Just an added one. May the Word of God always be the center of our home and family.

I have to say that I didn't have to lift a finger for any of this - I just master-minded it all. The Lord has blessed us with some wonderful young people in our church who love to help. I had a blast with four teenagers in my house working together to help me. The floor was laid by a man in our church who has his own flooring business. What a blessing to be part of the body of Christ!


elianna said...

GORGEGOUS!!!! I LOVE the bathroom-the whole downstairs looks brand new! I won't even know your house the next time I come...:)

Dave said...

Nice Job!

I was wondering why I didn't see my pictures hanging in the bathroom...I mean on the armoire thing.

simplysanctified said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and very, very lovely!!!

Lisa said...

So, were Eric's socks blown off when he walked in the door? Everything is gorgeous and you definately get the "industrious woman of the year" award!

becky said...

I love it! Looks great! I especially like the stone part in front of the fire place...nice touch.
The amoire looks great too! Can't beat Craigslist!

The Reynolds said...

Great job Vicki! you can come to my house anytime to "master mind" all the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

We love your home. It is beautiful.

Aunt Peggy & Uncle Richard

jen said...


very impressive master-minding! I consider myself doing well if I can keep my floors free of dust bunnies for a week in a row (too many years of living alone!)…can't imagine getting a whole new floor laid! It looks great.


Jenna said...

Everything looks so open and light. I love it!

heather said...

Your "new" home looks beautiful!! What a face lift. You have encouraged me to get going on some of my projects. What color did you use in the kitchen. I am doing yellow as well & it looks like the color I was thinking of. Let me know, ok? Great job!!

JulieMom said...

It looks so pretty!! "New" is just as good as New in my book. Especially when your church family gets to help out. Fun!

Ginger said...

That looks so awesome!! When we buy our home, I am going to have you come over and help me!

Stephanie said...

Looks awesome!

New flooring is the best. We did our floor last year, and just put Alex's new laminate in last weekend. What a difference!