Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Apology

I am of the belief that you ought to love the church you attend. You ought to love your pastor. However, there is a difference in having a love for your church and being prideful about your church.

I've been prideful about my church. We have attended our current church for 10 years. We love it. We love our pastors. We love the people we worship with. However, I've had this idea that "our" way was not only the best way but the only way.

(NOTE: This attitude is NOT conveyed from the pulpit. If anything, it is preached against.)

Recently, for various reasons, I realized that Eric and I grew up in another church that operates differently from ours. It has Sunday School. It has AWANA. It has a Christian school. We were a part of all these things - and loved it. You know what? We turned out ok. We love the Lord and are trying to serve Him by His grace. There are several people in our church who came from the same church we grew up in. They, too, are strong Christians. Our home church (the church we were raised in) is turning out young missionary families left and right. They have home Bible studies. Many of the bloggers I link to are from my home church. The love of God is alive in their lives.

Our church is wonderful. We turn out missionaries. We have an institute. We have young people who love the Lord.

There are reasons we have chosen the church we attend. We believe strongly in our choice. But, I have been convicted - ours is not the ONLY way.

Now, for the apology. I know my attitude has probably been conveyed to some dear friends of mine - maybe not in words, but in other ways. Please forgive me if I have seemed to have a prideful attitude about my church and a condescending attitude regarding your various churches. Praise the Lord for what you all are doing to further the cause of Christ. Praise the Lord for my brothers and sisters all over this wonderful country and the world. Praise the Lord for the many pastors who shepherd the children of Christ.

I love my church. I love my pastors. I hope you love your church and your pastor as well. You have every right to do so!!!


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heather said...

Thanks Vic. I love you!! ;0)

elianna said...

This is NOT related BUT our email has gone wacky. SO i just wanted to tell you YES, i did see Samantha's wedding pictures today! :) I think you can email me & i'll get it-it might help resolve the problems here! RRR!!!
I will probably call to talk to you tonight...otherwise i'll see you tomorrow! :)

Kevin P said...

It is easy to think your church is the only church doing things the right way... I certainly have felt the same thoughts about my church you have felt about your church - yet we certainly differ on philosophy.
In my limited travels - churches all around the world do things dramatically different --- the purpose of it all - the glory of God. Truly is amazing! I praise the LORD for Lam 3:22-23... sometimes we act as if we have it all figured out and that everyone should come to us for real understanding. Anyway... great blog post. I should copy and paste it into my blog... most of us should!