Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Sober Thought

On Saturday, Eric was sick. So sick he actually decided he needed to see a doctor. Turns out, his doctor doesn't have Saturday hours and has no back up. So, off to the hospital it was.

Anyone who has ever gone to the ER knows you're never just "in and out." All they had to do was listen to his lungs, take a couple of x-rays, and send him off with a prescription in hand. But, it took 3 hours. Because they like seeing people suffer? No. Because, like moms, they have many other people to attend to and they have to re-prioritize constantly.

Eric said that two ambulances came in while he was at the hospital. Obviously, someone coming in an ambulance has to be tended to a bit quicker than the man with bronchitis. Eric had a bed in his "room", so he just took a nap.

Later, we found out who was in one of those ambulances.

There had been an accident nearby involving a man who hit a patch of ice and veered into oncoming traffic. He hit a car which was being driven by a mom with her 19 year old daughter in the passenger seat. The man and the mom were taken to a city hospital. The daughter was taken to the same hospital Eric was at.

He later remembered hearing the "Codes" and "Stats." In a room or two away from my husband, this 19 year old girl was pronounced dead.

My husband went to get a prescription for bronchitis while this young girl went into eternity.

I sit here wondering what words of wisdom I can add to this story to encourage or challenge you. There is nothing that I can add. The soberness, the reality, of it is enough.

A few yards from my husband, a girl entered eternity.


Lisa said...

There's nothing like being around death to refocus ourselves on what's important in this life. You're right. This was a sober thought.

elianna said...

That IS sobering.

simplysanctified said...

Very sobering indeed - truly, our life is but a vapor.

Victoria said...

I know it was a bit depressing, but the Lord wants us to be sober and things like this remind us to be so!