Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Blog is Living Up to Its Name!

I love romance. I love romantic stories. I love to hear how people met, fall in love, etc. As my husband puts it so eloquently, I'm a sap.

My friend Dave is going to be turning 35 the day after I do - though he refuses to admit that. He's never been married. Good, Christian guy. Career-minded. Could care less about love and relationships - until now.

Jen is a friend I met in the world of blogdom. Never met her in person until a couple of weeks ago. She recently turned 35 and she's not afraid to admit it. She's a great Christian girl. Never been married. Redeeming the time as she waits on the Lord.

I started this blog in July. Somewhere along the line, I found Jen's blog - loved her photographs. Dave started reading my blog. He was encouraged to begin one of his own. Through his blog and snooping around mine, he found Jen.

Long story short - they're an item. And a sweet one at that.

The reason for this post? No, not to gloat and pat myself on the back. Though, I am thrilled that God used this little blog to introduce these two wonderful people.

The reason for this post is to encourage my single readers. Notice the age of these two people. Notice they are both Christians - brought up in Christian homes and saved young. I'm not sure about Dave, but I'm sure Jen asked God a few times - "Lord, what about me?"

I see so many young women marry the proverbial "first guy that comes around" because they're tired of being alone - afraid to face a life of singleness. They miss out on God's best because they refuse to wait on Him.

Jen has become one of my heroes. She lives a full life. She has all sorts of friends - single, married, younger, older, widows, etc. She has fun with each of them. She has fun on her own. She has created traditions without waiting for a family of her own. She's gone on missions trips. She has a career, but it's not her life. God is her life. She has redeemed the time. I am amazed at how many of my long time friends know her - I've yet to met anyone who doesn't like and respect her.

I don't mean to gush. I mean to give some of you single young ladies a role model to look to. Singleness isn't a punishment. It can be a blessing. Does that mean God will always bring someone for you if you're patient? No. I know a few women who probably never will be married. That is God's best for them. They don't bemoan it. They are content living in God's will.

Easy for me to say, I know. I'm married. Have been since I was 21. But, I know a good role model when I see one.

Two people who have just kept their eyes on Christ fulfilling His will for their lives. They've been blessed tremendously.

And, for the record, has nothing over this blog!


Colette said...

Oh man...this news is so awesome!!! Do I know Dave from NCA? What is his last name? I just gotta say..."Well done there Missy"!!!! I LOVE Jen!!

Jenna said...

I love the last line :)

M. said...

Amen...As a friend of Jen's, and one that admires her as you said many people do, I am so blessed by this. I'm a sap, too, for sure...This is great stuff. :)

Dave said...
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Dave said...

That would be 25 NOT 35 Vicki!

And I believe it was Jen that found me. I mean, c'mon, you know I would have never found really!

Victoria said...

Again, serious denial.

becky said...

Amen and Amen!

Brenda said...

What a cool story!!! I like the part about too!

And Dave? You don't have to celebrate your 35th birthday you know. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of your 25th birthday if it makes you feel better. :)

Lisa said...

So, does this make your their matchmaker? :-)

Victoria said...

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch..." Elianna and I are actually going to be watching that movie tomorrow night!:)

jen said...

I feel like such a celebrity!! thanks for encouraging Dave to start his blog, Vicki!! And the waiting has not been easy, by any means, but the Lord has known all along. He declares "the end from the beginning", and also "calleth those things which be not as though they were"…two of my favorite phrases over the past few years.

Dave said...

Hey everybody! Let's have a parade!