Thursday, April 17, 2008

Question for You...

Note: The previous post was not meant to discourage anyone - it was meant to encourage! The bottom line is this: eat well, get some exercise, drink as much water as you can and don't worry too much what the scale says! If you're eating ok and moving around, you're healthier than the skinny person who gets no exercise and eats junk food and is just blessed with a wonderful metabolism!

Now, on to my big question of the day:

What do you do to make sure your children keep there rooms clean (i.e. picked up, beds made - NEAT)?????

If you don't have children with neat rooms, what do you remember your parents doing to make sure your room was clean when you were younger? My room was always spotless. I don't remember my mother threatening death, but it was never a question - it was the only way it was ever going to be. Yes, I had my own room, making it easier. But, my two brothers shared a room and it was also spotless. I never understood the whole issue with other kids having to clean their rooms - ours always were picked up and clean. My mom didn't do it - we did. We knew it was expected of us.

It's expected of my children, too. However, it's a daily struggle around here. How do you all do it or isn't it being done?

Please help!!!!!!


elianna said...

HeHe. I'll let you know when I arrive! :) At almost 18 I still struggle with this...i think the biggest part is just making it a priority. My mom's solution is to always spend time in your room 1st thing in the morning...i.e. get it all done then. And then a little "maintenance check" sometime in the afternoon. My thing is, i just get busy & then all this stuff piles up-till I want to go to bed & then the pile transfers to my desk. Just having the discipline to constantly maintain-put away the toys etc. is HUGE!
Anyway...someday I may be able to keep a clean room. :) :)

elianna said...

Oh-I forgot to say. When I was younger my mom would keep an "inspection list"-an excel spreadsheet with a whole list of the "weak points" and we'd have regularly scheduled "inspections". So it would get it all clean b4 the deadline. I will email you a sample one...:) It really worked for a long time-in fact till we forgot & stopped doing it! :)
Sorry to fill up all this space! I hope you get a LOT more helpful comments! :)

Ginger said...

will be watching this, I never had a clean room as my mom never made us clean, hence my housecleaning dilemma now.....

Angel said...

I had a friend tell me that she struggled with her children keeping their rooms clean and they had a policy that what was on the floor and picked up by mom or dad got put in a bag for them to keep for an indefinite amount of time. At one point, she said her daughters wardrobe consisted of a pair of pants and a couple shirts. Lesson learned! I have tried this and it works when I stay on top of it. I know messy rooms are discouraging. Hope you find some answer to your dilemma.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

My kids are really little and thus require that I do most of the work :-), but they still help.

I got a wonderful tip in my mom's group. Take a picture of their room when it's clean and post it on the back of their door so that they know what CLEAN really looks like.

We pick up twice a day. Before lunch time and usually before we go to bed. Bath time, then 10 minutes of play time, then pick up time, story time and finally bed time. It's just too hard to start off the day with a big mess, when you have a full day ahead it just piles up without ceasing.

For a while we used a reward chart, they could earn tokens for ChuckECheese. :-) Now it's just become part of the routine. I wish I could tell you we did it EVERY day, but we miss some days. :-)

Hope this helps.

Lisa said...

I don't have this issue yet with my daughter, but I can tell you what my mom did with us. :-)

She made a list on the back of our bedroom door of "daily" and "weekly" clean up chores. "Daily" was make bed, dirty clothes in hamper, etc. "Weekly" was change sheets, dust, etc. Cleaning our room was part of our morning routine, and we'd have to present our room to her for inspection when we "thought" we were done. ;-) We usually didn't start school until our house chores were done.

Also, when we got older and keeping a clean room should have been natural, she'd sometimes stick a candy bar in the socks if that drawer "passed" her surprise inspection. That sure was motivation to keep it clean ALL THE TIME!

One more thing... I can say, as the wife of a man who knows how to clean, your daughters/sons in law will thank you for putting the effort into teaching your kids this! :-D

Felicia said...

I don't remember having anything inparticular to help us keep our room clean, but it was understood that it was suppose to be! Most of the time our "clean" wasn't the same as my mom's, so she would end up finishing it to her standards! :)(I know that was bad on our part.) But I have to say, somewhere in time I inherited her picky ways of keeping everything neat because now if I have any kind of clutter or mess in my room it doesn't last long because it drives me crazy.
Sorry...I kinow this hasn't helped you at all. :D Lisa's idea sounds like a good one though!

the reynolds said...

Ahh...the continuing saga....
When I was little I too had my own room and I don't remember it being the mess it is NOW! I'm not sure what my Mom did. Like you said - it was expected. Please share with us what your routine was as a child. What do you do now?
At our house I have children who are naturally neat. Nathan at age 5 wouldn't think of coming down with out being dressed and his bed made. At one point in the winter I had a chart for him with a candy bar as a reward. Thats all it took. Some are total slobs...sigh...

My routine now with the kids~
Wake up,make bed,general pick up if necessary.
Monday - tidy up night stand and book case
Tues- tidy dresser drawers and the top
Wed - clean under bed and closet floor
Thur- Tidy closet
Friday - dust, vacuum/mop
Sat - other that daily basics you're done!
NOW do I enforce this or inspect as I should? Ahem...I'm working on it. I have done the candy in the drawers for neatness inspection. Also a dime under a stray shoe to be sure they are rewarded for picking it up and putting it in it's proper place..Now if I could just keep my room clean.....

JulieMom said...

My kids love a check-off list. (They are 7, 6 and 4) Write down everything I need them to do and let them cross it off as it gets done.

If they give me a hard time, then we set the timer and if not all is done by the bell, well, then there's just consequences....

Hope it helps.

Janice said...

We play "dump it" if it isn't done at least a "little" good and regular. These are hefty consequences, as Julie mom likes to call them, and my third son only needs to hear "Im feeling a "dump-it" session" and he is off running!

Dump-it is exactly what it sounds like. Everything is overturned from the dresser, and even the closet if it looks horrible. I have "shovers", where cleaning to them is everything goes in wherever, and whether clean or dirty, you can fit just one more thing if you push hard enough! They have ruined more than one drawer bottom with this technique of theirs!

I also like shirts in one drawer, pants in another etc. and pictures on the appropriate drawer worked for a while when they were younger.

Also, I fold the younger children's clothes into sets, and put them in the drawers together. One "bundle" of clothes instead of rifling through several. They tend to match a little nicer that way too!

Toys, the only solution I have found- less is best!

Janice said...

One more thing- for the older kids, I would charge .25c for anything left around the house, and that certainly made a difference, too!

Christina J. Ford said...
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