Monday, April 14, 2008

Weight Watchers

Do you know how tired I get of hearing women say "I can't eat that" or "That's so fattening" or "I need to lose weight!"? Worse yet, I get tired of hearing people telling others how they need to eat. Way too much time is spent discussing weight, weight loss, diet, etc. Way too many good foods are passed up in the name of "my diet."

I've had 7 children. When I got pregnant with my second child, I still had 10 pounds to lose from my first pregnancy. When I got pregnant with my 3rd, I was over my "wedding" weight by 15 pounds. After the birth of my 3rd child, I knew I had to get serious about losing baby fat especially if I were going to have more children. So, with Slim Fast (laugh if you wish), drinking lots of water, doing moderate exercise, and eating reasonably I've always gotten back to my pre-baby weight before the next pregnancy. I am not bragging, I'm just stating the facts that are a blessing from God.

Through experience, once I lose the weight, I have no problem maintaining it. People are often amazed - or aghast - at some of the foods I eat (once I've lost weight). When I go out, I get dessert 95% of the time. I love ice cream and anything fattening. The key is moderation. I know that if I avoid it all the time, I'll end up craving it and eating way too much. If most of my diet is healthy, the once a day treat isn't going to put me over the top.

Both Eric and I come from a background involving anorexia and bulimia in one form or another. We are very much aware how concentrating too much on weight loss can create disastrous results for our 4 daughters. It is important to stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight, getting exercise, and eating well are important. But it can get ridiculous. There is way too much to enjoy in life - too many other important issues to concentrate on.

For the record, my weight watching, as of late, has been depressing. I still have 15 pounds to lose. However, I've got my plan. I'm not obsessing. I'll be happy when it's over. I'll feel better about myself when I can fit into all of my old clothes. But, it's not what my world is made of.

In case you're interested, here's my tried and proven plan:

1. Walking for a half an hour every morning at a brisk pace. I cover almost 2 miles.

2. Drinking 3-4 quarts (yes, almost a gallon) of water a day. If you want to read some great facts on the benefits of water, go here. After my fourth child, I lost weight faster than with any of my children by drinking a gallon of water a day. Of course, this means I can never be too far away from a restroom. We'll stop there.

3. 50 -100 crunches/day.

4. Slim Fast. Laugh if you wish, but it's worked in the past. One or two shakes a day along with a decent dinner (yes, with dessert).

That's it. Nothing fancy. Other than the Slim Fast, no cost involved.

For you husbands - be happy with your wife. Eric loves me the same whether I'm at my ideal weight or 20 pounds over. Not being pressured by him makes me want to look good for him even more. It also helps me not to stress more than I ought.

You ladies, feel good about yourselves. Take care of yourselves. Set a good example for your daughters. Please your husband. Lose what you need. Maintain your weight.

And, find another topic of conversation.


Ginger said...

Vicky I needed to read this today. I have well over 100 pounds to loose from my pre casey days. I gained 100 in the last 7 years. I am sick of it. Im so sick of being fat. Pray for me, I tend to obsess over it and then end up eating a whole of something. I then so do not enjoy it.

the reynolds said...

Oh, Vicki, your "talks" are always sooo timely! I just love your straightforward manner and simplicity. Pray for those of us who need that.

Ginger - I hear ya sister. Pray for me and I'll pray for you!

Signed - A mom wwith all the 'exta

(going for a walk now - see y'all later!)

Janice said...

Well "exampled", well said, and well taken!!!

I am more and more convinced it is all about consistency and moderation.

Those two words sound alot like "integrity" and "temperance". No coincidence that victory in the spiritual is the same path as victory in the physical!!

Thank You!!

Jenna said...

Well said. The women with a lot of kids who work at being a healthy, decent weight are my hero's. Thanks for the reminder of not obsessing about it! I'm trying not to and to just focuse on eating and being healthy!
And I'm so grateful for an amazing husband who told me when I was 9 months FAt and preggo that I was gorgeous! (All the time!) and has always told me no matter what weight i'm at!

JoJosho said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok, I should have made a special notice of your "not going too far from a bathroom" coment before taking your advise and upping my water intake. Travelling 45 minutes from Mufulira back here to Kitwe on a high water intake day was pure torture. :-)

You know who I am, but I'm posting this as anonymous. :-)

becky said...

You know I can understand this from the other side of the spectrum...

Love you! You are beautiful by the way :0)

Anonymous said...

Let's race to a goal....let me "catch up" to you first. You know who this is....he he!