Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Recently, I've enjoyed walking past my next door neighbors house in the morning. They own a beautiful Victorian home in which they have made a bed & breakfast. Their yard is adorned with so many different flowers which keep their acreage colorful for 3 seasons. The little blue flowers that carpeted a whole section of their side yard earlier in the month were amazing. The daffodils made things so bright. The pink tree adds a splash of color to my early morning walk. Almost every time I walk by this home, I am inspired to thank the Lord for His beautiful creation made just for our enjoyment.

I never noticed even one dandelion in their yard and I wondered how they did it seeing as there's never been a lawn care company involved in the maintenance of their property. I kept looking, but all I saw was beautiful green grass.

Until last Tuesday. Suddenly, there are dandelions all over their front yard. Seeing those dandelions gave me an odd sense of satisfaction. I was glad that it wasn't just my home, but that even this beautiful home had to face these "lovely" weeds.

This incident immediately got me to thinking about life. Others may appear to have everything perfect - their families, their attitude, their spiritual lives - with nary a "weed." However, if you wait long enough or take the time to get to know others, the weeds will begin to pop out of hibernation. In the case of my neighbor's yard versus ours, they mowed their grass sooner. It was as simple as that. But, they had postponed their mowing just long enough to allow the dandelions to show themselves.

Then, I turned my attention to my response of my neighbor's weeds. Why did I feel good about it? Because it condoned my weed problem. It didn't make me look as bad. They didn't look as good. They aren't better than I am.

Why do we feel better about ourselves when we find out that others struggle with the same sins that we do? Why don't we feel as bad for our brothers and sisters as we do for ourselves? I'm not talking about judging, I'm talking about compassion...and prayer. Instead of having the mindset of "Wow! They struggle, too. So, it's not just me. Phew!" I should be thinking, "Lord, I'm so sorry that that person has to struggle with this problem as well. Please help them and help me with this sin. Help us to hold each other up in prayer so that sin will not have dominion, but that You will and that You will receive glory and honor from our lives."

Everyone has weeds. We all deal with them in different ways. Some mow sooner. Some get the lawn care company. Have you offered to mow your neighbor's weeds? Have you paid for their lawn to be sprayed in order to keep the weeds under control? "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Pray for and encourage him/her. Remember, it wouldn't look right to put all your effort into your neighbor's yard while yours is being run over with crab grass and dandelions. While you continue to tend to your weeds, help them tend to theirs.

Let us all work together to further the cause of Christ. Let us not glory in the sins of others and sit back and begin to feel comfortable in our sin. Let's get our hands in the dirt, grab a hold of the roots, and get the weeds out.


M. said...

I've had the same sentiment year after year about one of my neighbors' weedy lawns...but never did I stop to think about it. Thanks for the post...Definitely something to consider, and to remember each spring as we watch those weeds come up. God bless.

Ginger said...

We just had the same discussion last night. Thanks for adding to the thoughts.

Lisa said...

Very timely reminder. Thanks, Vicki.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your blog. just what God wanted to tell me today. hope you don't mind lurkers checking out your blog ;)