Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ever Do This?

There's a pan of fresh baked, frosted, and untouched brownies sitting in the pan on the shelf. Everyone is looking forward to having some for dessert after dinner.

It's about 4:30 and you get the munchies. You eye the brownies. But, no, you should show some self-control. And, you do.

For about 10 seconds.

Then, you reason to yourself that someone has to test them to make sure they're not burnt or poisoned. It's a mother's job to make sure that her family has a pleasant eating experience, right?

So, you cut a very small piece from the corner. So small, you could barely taste all of that fudgy goodness. So, you have to cut another small piece.

Next thing you know, your four small pieces result in a large gap in the pan.

Uh-oh. How am are you going to serve that at the dinner table? Your family will instantly know what you've been up to: the highest sin in the court - snacking before supper. reach for a pretty platter and decide to cut the brownies and serve them in style. After all, they are your precious husband and children. Why hold the finery for company? They deserve the best.

And, no one is the wiser.

Ever done that?

Yeah. Me either.


elianna said...

Ow. Well, that's probably why I love my brownie recipe so much-you are SUPPOSED to serve them pre-cut as they're kind of delicate...and the recipe TELLS you to cut all the edges off so you have perfectly shaped brownies. What else could I do with all those extra pieces??? :)

Sarah...the Momma! said...

My kids sometimes wonder where the whole pan of brownies went that they saw my baking earlier!!haaa

Ginger said...

I have never done that in oh a week or so....
Hmmm I need to make brownies.
Must get cocoa soon
Thanks a lot vickie I did very well not snacking on them, till I have to make them that is.

Jenna said...

Never done that....
My Mom taught us that one! :) Except she had enough self control to not eat the whole row...

Victoria said...

Hey - wait a minute, Jenna!!! I never said I ate the WHOLE row!!!! I ate what amounted to a large corner piece - really!! Whew - glad I got a chance to clarify!:)

jen said...

I'm trying to come up with some appropriate Dave-flavored sarcasm for this one :-)

I never promise a whole pan of my magic cookie bars…I always cut 'em up and keep some for myself before I bring them anywhere!

Jenna said...

Actually, I was refering to myself about eating the whole row (only about an inch wide, though;)