Monday, May 19, 2008

Joy Unspeakable!

Tonight, little Zane was sitting at my feet playing so happily. He'd look at me and smile his great big baby smile that often turns into a little giggle. He'd crawl a little ways to investigate something, but he was always within six feet of me. However, if I got up to leave the room for a minute or two, his joy immediately turned to immense sorrow! How he would cry until I returned. He wouldn't be comforted until I'd pick him up and hold him close for a minute. Once I put him back down and he was sure I was staying, that big smile would return.

Is that how I am with Christ? My biggest joy ought to be sitting at His feet, gazing on Him, and waiting for Him to look upon me with a smile. He never leaves me, but, when I wander off and look around only to find that He's no longer near, do I wail and cry until I am in His arms once again?

Tonight, I saw through my son's eyes, what Heaven must be like. Sitting at the feet of the One who loves us eternally and the One we love in return. Gazing on Him gazing on us.

This past week, I've had such sweet communion with my Father that, at times, the joy is overwhelming. I can honestly say that being alone with Him, talking with Him, and hearing from Him has become my chief joy.

I know my human-ness. I know that I am prone to wander. I pray that when I do, I will cry and crawl back to Him as fast as I possibly can to feel His loving arms about me.

This week, I've tasted a bit of Heaven and I rejoice in it!


elianna said...

Amen! It is funny, if I had a blog I'm sure an almost identical post would have been on it this week. :) I understand exactly what you're talking about! I wouldn't trade that communion with God for anything.

Jenna said...

That was awesome. It's great that God can teach us so much through our kids!