Friday, May 9, 2008


So, I'm in Fashion Bug last night looking for a cute shirt for my date with Eric.

Oh, yes. We had a date. Dropped all the kids off at various homes. We went out to the woods, cooked hamburgers and hot dogs over an open fire. Roasted marshmallows. Were able to talk and enjoy the peace without wiping faces and trying to get marshmallows out of the two year old's hair. Then, we watched "The Lakehouse."

OK - s0 we took a portable DVD player out. It wasn't about roughing it. It was about spending a sweet evening together! And it was wonderfully sweet. Thanks for asking.

Anyway. Back to Fashion Bug. I'm looking for this shirt when two older teenage girls walk by discussing one of their moms and fashion. I only heard the last enlightening statement in this (what I'm sure was) profound and deep conversation.

"She's a mom. Her clothes are supposed to be ugly."



The Shopping Sisters said...

I would love to get a date with dh... maybe I can plan something soon:)

elianna said...

Ha! Says who? My mom can look SO cute! :) (Especially when she borrows MY clothes!!!) :)
Glad you had a nice date!

Jenna said...

I am a Mom and I would say that I dress pretty cute. People don't know what they are talking about.
Your date sounds really fun and romantic!!!

the reynolds said...

sounds like a fun date! Thanks for the idea!

The clothes? Sad comment from those girls.

Sarah P said...

Wow!!! Thats pretty crazy :) Glad to hear that you had a nice date!

Victoria said...

Jenna -
Your mom has NINE kids and I LOVE her clothes!!!

Elianna -
I wish I had some of your mom's clothes. Or, maybe I should ask you for them!:)

Sarah -
I'm so excited you posted.

Everyone else -
I am so glad you comment and visit my site!!!!:)

Lisamarie said...

I bet the young lady who said that has a very strict view of "cute clothes"! There needs to be a little room for personal taste without accusing it as being UGLY!

Oh, and I also know a lot of moms with nice clothes!