Monday, June 2, 2008

Excitement at the Farm

Yesterday, we were driving home from church only to see that our road was closed to traffic. The kind policeman allowed us to drive through the road-block and as we got closer to home, we saw firetrucks, ambulances, and all sorts of cars in our field across the street - the Pumpkin Patch, to be exact. There, embedded in the ground, was a small plane!!!

Apparently, the pilot and his student were flying from a nearby town and preparing to land at an airport a couple of miles away when they began to experience engine trouble. They attempted an emergency landing in our hay field, but as they were flying so low, the plane clipped the top of the trees sending him into a nose dive. The student climbed out, but the pilot was injured badly.

A few minutes after we arrived home, Mercy Flight flew in. That brought back a flood of emotions for me. Of course, this was a big adventure for the kids. What a blessing it was to stop and pray with my children on the side of the road for these men and their families.

Have you ever prayed for an accident victim with a sense of disappointment realizing you may never know the answer to your prayer? That's how I felt when we prayed. "Lord, who will tell them of You? How will You receive honor in this?" A few minutes later, I found out that the pilot is the flight instructor of a couple of boys from our church!! A door has been opened! Please pray for Davey Merritt and Ben Bruce - that they will be healed physically and spiritually.

For more on this "breaking news" click here and read!

Life on the farm...never a dull moment!


elianna said...

Like I said before, you have WAY too much excitement for one quiet country farm family! We will keep Mr. Merritt in our prayers...but I think I will also pray that for at LEAST a couple months your farm is emergency-vehicle-free. OK? :)

Jenna said...

I heard about this. Will be praying!