Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mike's Home!!

On Monday evening, about 5:30 p.m., Mike came home! No one was more thrilled than he was and the first thing he did was lay down in his own bed! Not that he was real tired at that point, but it was the thing he was looking forward to the most.

Being home has been the best thing for Michael. He's been more willing to get up and move around to find a different position when he is in pain. He sleeps up to six hours at a time at night. That may not seem like a lot, but compared to what he had been getting this past week - it's terrific!

The three youngest children came yesterday to visit their oldest brother. They'll come home to stay tonight. Even though the 3 girls were in their pjs last night, Eric went to get them anyway as he just couldn't wait to bring them home. Sometimes he'll say "we have too many kids," but he's happiest when he has his whole brood together!

We cannot express just how grateful we are to everyone for your faithful prayers. Please keep praying during Mike's recovery. The next couple of weeks are the most critical as he is still in some pain and we'd like to see him get off the Perciset as soon as possible. Pray that we would have wisdom in this. His full recovery will be up to a year, but we will take it day by day.

It's just so good to have him home!

This may explain why Mike's in pain.

(He asked me to take and post this picture)

The air-hockey table was a great recuperation tool for Mike.

Mike was thrilled to be going home! Once he got his clothes on, he refused to get back into that hospital bed!

Within 45 minutes of coming home!

Mike feeling well enough to play with his new cap gun.

Happy to be together again!


jen said...

Praise the Lord, he's home!! I'm so glad…hope he is able to continue healing more quickly surrounded with familiar faces and in his own bed!

Jenna said...

I'm so glad that he is home!

the reynolds said...

Welcome Home Michael!! Were hoping and praying you continue healing and the pain will be gone....ouch! I had surgery on my wrist with a bone graft from my hip. I know what THAT felt like, but you win the prize for the incision you have!!!!

Keep marchin' soldier!

Aunt Heather said...

What a relief for everyone! Being home is the best!!!! Praying you will feel a little bit better everyday! Michael, you are such a great example of bravery. Keep up the good work! Praise the Lord.

becky said...

YAY! Michael's home! We love you! Dave liked the picture of Michael and his cap gun.
Love you all!

Stefanie said...

Thanks for posting those pics!! Just so amazing at what God has done!

Aaron and Stephanie Putney said...

Praise the Lord, we are excited to read these updates and see his progress. We have been away at meetings for a while but Michael has not left our prayers. It is wonderful to see how our Lord is pulling him - and the rest of you through!