Monday, June 2, 2008

Please Continue to Pray...

...for the Hance family. Our friend, Dave, is on the last stretch of his faithful race. Please read this message from his wife and go to the Lord in prayer on behalf of this sweet family.

Hi every one,

We had a talk with the visiting nurse here today. It was good - it really put things in perspective, not just for me and David, but hopefully also for Mike. He was in the dining room on his computer, but I'm sure he heard most of the talking. She was letting us know that David's progression of the cancer is speeding up more and more. She talked with us about hospice care and how that she would be able to do that for us, for which I am glad as she really, truly cares for David and our family. We've had Peggy for a nurse for a long time and she knows David and his physical needs very well. She is a Roman Catholic and she and I were able to talk about my family's faith and how the prayers of our friends are giving us the strength we need to get through this. Pray that I can be a solid witness to her in the weeks to come, she told me of her father's death 4 years ago and how he died right as the last prayer on the Rosary was said. (I just couldn't say anything at that time as we were also talking about David's and my faith in Jesus - I wasn't going to say anything about her father as that would just close any doors in the future to witness).

Realistically, the time is getting shorter and shorter for David being with us. I am thinking possibly the end of July or August. The progression is so much faster now, and the cancer is attacking much heavier now than the chemo can keep up with. David asked the nurse what to expect in the last days - he so wants to die with dignity - she reassured him that she would do that for him. People with lymphoma usually die in their sleep as the last few days/week they basically sleep and are given a drug that relaxes them and takes care of the pain. She told me he would die in his sleep - to me that is a comfort so that he wouldn't be struggling. Praise the Lord we know David will be with Jesus because he is saved and accepted the Lord as his Saviour - there's no doubt in our hearts at all.

Please pray for Mike as he isn't accepting the possiblity of David dying very well. He gave me this look yesterday when David and I were talking about what is to come and he said, "The Lord can still heal him!". He's still clinging onto that, which I won't take away from him that hope, but he needs to prepare for David's passing as well. I know Jesus can heal David, but I need to prepare my heart for David leaving and if the Lord heals him, Praise the Lord I will celebrate his healing!

Well, we go back to see the doctor tomorrow and get more answers from her about treatments, times, etc. Please don't stop your prayers now - we can use all the strength and peace we can get for what the Lord has for us in the weeks ahead.



Ginger said...

I wrote her and told her we are praying, My heart goes out to both Kelly and their children. How incredible. But someday soon, Dave WILL BE healed. We can and have to rejoice knowing that.

elianna said...

It is so sad...But I KNOW that our great God will be glorified no matter what happens. Believe me, I am praying!

the reynolds said...

Praying for the Hance Family. God bless them for their sweet spirit and wanting to be a witness for God through it all. One day we will kn ow just how many people have been impacted by Dave's life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post on Dave. My husband does remember him well from our visiting days at Old Paths. Could you possibly post his address or privately send me his address? Thank you so much.
Pastor and Trish Smith

Christina J. Ford said...

Not being at OPBBC i didn't know how things have been going, thank you for the update. We will be praying for the Hance family. And for Mike, I know it must be Very hard, I could not imagin what he is going through. What a strong family, and wife Mr. Hance has, God Bless them all.